Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Close Tuesday

Last night I went to bed without taking a photo. Not wanting to get out of my cozy bed, I picked up my phone and shot the first thing I saw: Water/ice on my window. Looks cooler smaller on my phone, but I'll post it anyway.

59/365: ...I suck at life.
Today the ice crystals on my window were super big and pretty. Used them as my photo of the day, of course! A much better photo compared to last night's in the dark. Ha!

60/365: Looks like it could be a Too Close Tuesday, but it's not. Just pretty ice crystals.
However, this one IS Too Close Tuesday:
Just realized it looks very similar to today's photo. I should have chosen a more colorful one for today. Oh well.
Leave a comment with your guess! Good luck!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Makes everything better

Not feeling 100% today. I have a sore throat and a cough and it sort of makes me unable to talk. I am pretty excited to jump in the shower and take some NyQuil and zonk out for the night. Soon, soon. (First, some ice cream with Brian. Ice cream makes everything better.)

I only took one photo yesterday. It was at my dad's request, and it's of my mom scrubbing the kitchen floor. Ha! I think I better keep that off the internet, or she might disown me.

So, instead, I'll throw at you some more pictures from the weekend.

Mmm, taters!! Brycen and I peeled all these (with a little help from Dustin and Brian) ....They ended up being some super delicious mashed potatoes!

Chance, the family dog. He's such a cutie pie.

Dad carving the turkey on Thanksgiving day. I love all the spoons sticking up from the various salads on the table. Sooo much food!

Tuck Tuck Goose. This is the sweetest little boy in the world.

Proof that he's the sweetest little boy in the world. Is there anything more precious than a sleeping child?

Since all the kids stayed overnight, my dad made these Mickey Mouse pancakes for them the next morning. They were quite tasty. (he also made snowmen) ...The kids loved them. So did I. =)

One of the "performances" at the Parade of Lights. They stacked up into two pyramids...Looked super awesome. (I have a picture of it, but there's people in the way. Sad.)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Four, finally!

Lots of catching up to do. It's been a busy weekend...Full of family and food and shopping and lights. I could type up a detailed run-down of our weekend happenings, but I'll just use pictures instead.

57/365: And so begins the Christmas related photos! These were on the tables at my church when we went to clean it last night. I am beyond excited about the possibilities of creativity around Christmas time.
56/365: On Friday we went shopping in Sioux Falls and visited my grandma in the hospital. While there, we saw on the news that the Parade of Lights was happening, so we headed downtown and froze our butts off (we were not dressed to stand outside for 2 hours) but still had tons of fun. There were lots of people there, as you can see.
55/365: My Thanksgiving photo. I took TONS of pictures on Thursday, but I kept coming back to this one. My littlest nephew was keeping himself entertained for the longest time with a couple toy cars. That's his mom's (my sister's) hand playing, too. So precious.
54/365: Wednesday we arrived home and spent the evening chatting and helping my parents prepare for our giant Thanksgiving feast. My oldest nephew and I peeled 20 pounds of potatoes. This is my dad's 100% homemade apple pie, only seconds out of the oven. It was incredible.
I will add more photos from the weekend once I'm back in Madison where the wireless connection is better. These four took quite a while to upload. Check back tonight or tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You Got This

Heading home for Thanksgiving weekend today. A little nervous, because of the weather. My accounting test has been postponed til Monday, to allow us more time in the morning to travel since the weather is supposed to get worse throughout the day. Now I'm waiting for Brian to get out of class and packed up, then we'll be on the road.

The test postponement ended up being a great thing...It gave me time to clean up my apartment and get my dishes done and make sure I have everything. I would have been super rushed, otherwise.

I tried posting this photo yesterday before I went to bed, but it wouldn't allow me to, for some reason.

53/365: I wrote this in a section of my accounting notes while studying last night. Just a reminder to myself that I know what I'm doing. It sort of makes me want to write positive notes to myself everywhere I go. Hehe...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too Close and some words

I think someone hacked my Pandora Manchester Orchestra station and replaced all my favorite bands and music with classical piano solos and such. I have mixed feelings about this. Confession: I do enjoy that classical stuff. Lots of people wouldn't expect that from me, but it's true. Sometimes I even crave that sort of music. (And I even created a classical station on Pandora!) But some days, most days, all I want is to listen to Manchester Orchestra and The Strokes and Weezer and The Postal Service and Iron & Wine and The Shins and the list goes on and on. If I wanted to hear piano music, I would choose another station. What the crap, Pandora? Keep my stations straight, please.

Anyway....I woke up with the hopes of spending my entire day (aside from posting Too Close Tuesday, of course!) studying for tomorrow's accounting exam. So far I have accomplished zero percent of that. Instead, I've been reading photography blogs. It started during class, and has continued throughout these two hours of my life which I can never get back.

Although it seems like a waste of time, I know it's not. A lot of my reading has been on this guy's site, where there's a post featuring quite a debate about cheap/free photography. This is something I've been feeling pretty strongly about since I've gotten into photography. My reasoning is this: I don't think it's right to charge people for sub-pro photos. Simple as that. If you're an amateur, your photos and sessions should be paid in experience. Experience, to me, is worth more than the money at this point. And also, put yourself in your clients' shoes. If you are spending money on a photographer, shouldn't the photos be EXTRAORDINARY? This is where maybe some sort of lack of confidence comes in for me...I don't feel that what I'm putting out there is all that great. I'm still learning the basics, I'm still awkward and clumsy, I'm still trying to find my "style"...I don't want people to have to PAY me to do that. I would rather wait until I know that my work is the best I can do, and THEN worry about the money.

I could go on and on and on about this. But I won't. Not today.

Instead: Too Close Tuesday!

Joni, this one is for you. I know you'll get it. (At least I hope so, otherwise I'll feel pretty bad. Ha...)
I think it's easy, but that could just be because I shot it.

I Got a Feeling

I enjoyed one very delicious hot chocolate tonight; however, the problem is that I mixed it as a 3:1 ratio of cappuccino to hot chocolate. And it was at 10:00 P.M. Me + Caffeine = Bouncing Off The Walls

I was pretty hyper for a while there. I think it's finally wearing off, though. Let's hope so.

Tonight DSU Live had a Karaoke Party...We've been itching for some new karaoke songs for the past couple years now. We finally broke down and bought a bunch, and they have already made me 100% more excited about karaoke nights now. We actually had to cut the night short because we had to be done by 9:00. People were disappointed, but hopefully that will make them come to the next one and have a blast with us again.

Some photos from the event:

Melissa Jean: A DSU Live FAVORITE! (or at least one of mine. hehe)

Laci: Another DSU Live favorite!

Nate and Sandy, our faculty advisors, started up this nice little dance party with their performance of "I Got a Feeling"...Best performance of the semester? Quite possibly.

Ritz and Quam performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" ....This song ALWAYS results in the "crowd" sitting in front of the stage and swooning over the singers and jamming out. One of my personal favorite karaoke songs to watch.
It was quite an excellent night and I left in a super happy, good mood.

Oh! Some other great news...The temp when I left campus was 9 degrees! And it halfway snowed all day. (I say "halfway" because it didn't really stick, and the flakes were teeny tiny. But it'll work for now.) Winter is possibly my favorite season, at least until mid-January. Then it just gets REALLY cold and it's sort of unnecessary.

Cute little snowflakes in the morning light. Mmmm snow.
AND...Today's POTD:

It's sort of lame, but I'm trying to be more comfortable putting MYSELF in front of the camera.

52/365: The view from my drawing paper every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm a nerd.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lazy, lazy day. I'm currently studying for tomorrow's accounting quiz while watching Shrek 2 and enjoying some orange tea.

An update to yesterday's chili:

It was deeeelicious! Brian said it was "pretty spot-on." which is just what I was going for! We had the leftovers today. (dad's leftover chili is MY FAVORITE!) It was excellent.

Anywho...Will definitely be making it again and again throughout the winter. Pretty excited at how easy it was.

Today's POTD:

51/365: Funny how just washing the dishes can give me some inspiration. Bubbles! Thought about using this as a Too Close photo, but it would have been super easy. Haha.
My tea is getting cold and Shrek 2 is almost over, then it's off to the shower, and then sleep. Early morning of studying again before the quiz (and test on Wed. Ick.) Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chili Saturday

Yesterday was one busy day. Class all day, then Brian and I went to Sioux Falls, did some Christmas shopping (Which I am SO excited about! Got all my nieces and nephews something that I hope they'll like. And there are a few other gifts for other family members which I am also excited about.) Then we met up with my sister and her husband and had dinner with them. Finally, we visited my grandma, who has been in and out of the hospital the past couple weeks.

As Thanksgiving creeps up on us, I must say that I am incredibly thankful for such an awesome family. And that's an old-school "awesome" there. I mean literally AWE some. Ha. They are incredibly supportive and loving and everything that the word "family" should mean. Grandma is doing well, but can still use prayers and good wishes; so please keep them coming.

We sat around a small table in her hospital room putting together a puzzle of Mt. Rushmore, eating peppermint kisses (Thanks, Traci!), talking about life, and watching Shrek. I believe it was one of those family times that I won't forget. We were there for not-so-good reasons, but we were there together, and that's what matters.

Today I was supposed to head down to Vermillion and do a photo session with a friend of a friend. We decided it was a bit too cold and windy out today, so we're postponing til we can get some nicer weather, and therefore better photos. We might have to wait until April, but someday we'll get them. Hehe...

So, instead, I called up my dad and asked him for his amazing chili recipe. (My dad makes THE BEST chili in the world. I actually won't eat it anywhere else anymore, because nothing compares.) I was surprised that he gave out the recipe so easily, but I'm sure he left out some sort of secret ingredient. Oh well. It's been cooking all day and it looks and smells delicious, so hopefully I got close.

Can't wait to try it in a few hours. Thanks, dad!!

Yesterday I spent a lot of my drawing class time taking macro photos in the art studio, so all you artists out there - Too Close Tuesdays should be easy for you in the coming weeks. =)

Yesterday's POTD:

39/365: This mask hangs on a bulletin board in the art studio. Not sure what it's doing there, or whose face it is, but it interests me almost every day I'm there.
I have a strong urge to put together another puzzle. I just may clear off my kitchen table and get started on one. Yes, I believe I will.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tonight was another acoustic performance at Mochavino. Paul and I showed up (Actually, I showed up first, then found out that Paul was back on campus waiting for me to pick him up. Ha!), me with my camera, he with his recording equipment, and Nate started playing.

Once again, a great night. There's something magical about a small coffeehouse performance. It makes you think deep and light, all at the same time. It opens doors for conversations that probably never would have happened otherwise. It gives you a moment of inspiration that lasts forever.

I came home and enjoyed some apple cinnamon tea, and then a long shower.

Tonight's Photo:

Look familiar??

38/365: I copy-cat'ed my own photo. Ha!
Bedtime. G'night, all.


Thanksgiving day is so close, I can already taste it. Mmmmm!

Until then, I'm eating things like granola bars and cookies. Proof:

37/365: Cookie with frosting and sprinkles!
Yesterevening (there I am with my favorite made-up word again) Paul, Matt, and I attended a Colleges Against Cancer event. Basically, we just put DSU Live's iTunes on random and sat in/by the sound booth and hung out online. We're pretty hard workers, huh? Anyway...We got a couple cookies and Twix bars out of it, so I'd say it was a successful night. Anything for that sugar! Hehe...

We also had a conversation regarding songs that make us cry. I thought of the topic because, well, we were at an event with the word "cancer" involved, which made me think of all the people I know whose lives were taken by it. The song that stood out in my mind was "Guernica" by Brand New. (watch the video, lyrics included, here.) It has so much meaning to me, that it's brought me to tears many, many times.

Today, just for fun, share with me, and everyone else who reads this, the songs that make you emotional. Good or bad.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Should Have Posted Yesterday ;)

My cousin Joni very kindly reminded me that I forgot that yesterday was Tuesday and therefore did not post a "Too Close Tuesday" (Her exact words were: "where was too close tuesday?! lol" Haha she's great) So! Here is that, along with yesterday's photo. 

"Too Close Tuesday!!"
Potentially very easy. (Especially for my roommate. *hint, hint*) But oh well.

Yesterday's Photo:
46/365: Small sketchbook and pencils. Shot literally like RIGHT before I went to bed. Ha.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Does anyone else LOVE the sound that happens when you pop a Spree candy out of the roll with your thumb? I can't even describe it...But it's awesome.

Random thought of the day.

And two Photos of the Day:

45/365: Laci, our model for figure drawing, sculpted this little giraffe very quickly out of a knead-able eraser today. I knew immediately when I saw it that it had to be today's photo. Super glad I brought my camera to class today. =)
34/365: My nephew and I played around with some objects and my backward lens yesterday. He made this fun blue and white pinwheel looking thing out of Legos. We brought it outside into the natural light and this is what happened. Nice.
Weather is getting colder every day! Hopefully we'll see some more snow soon...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a weekend!

Watching football in your PJ's at your parents' house with your boyfriend and your little brother is a pretty excellent way to spend a day. =)

We might head down to the gym for Irene's "Holiday Fair"....Maybe. Right now it's nice to just be lazy piles.

Had a pretty busy weekend, surprisingly. We came down on Friday and about an hour after we arrived, we found out that one of my old childhood friends was in town. So we met up with him and spent the evening reminiscing about elementary school days, old friends, bike rides, camping trips, and mischief. I believe he reads this blog so...TC, thanks for a good night of catching up! We really need to get together more often. (Maybe next time Brian and I will make the 4 hour drive to come see you! Ha!)

To break up some text, here's a fun photo of how my brother sleeps on the living room floor:

I count SIX blankets...But I'm pretty sure there's a few more under there. What a goober.
On Saturday we loaded up and took a trip to Sioux Falls to do some shopping. Turned out to be a pretty fun day. I've found that shopping with Brian and Dustin is one of my favorite things to do. There is never a dull moment around those two.

I brought my camera into all the stores and got a bunch of pictures of the two of them trying on tons of hats. Ha! Here are my favorites:

This one was my favorite. He shoulda bought it.

Panda hat!

Dustin and me. We're pretty awesome.
Ok...So here's a serious question. And I mean SERIOUS...This has been stumping me since the first day I ever saw it (or anything similar)....


I'm talking about the girl on the left, clearly. I JUST DON'T GET IT....Can SOMEONE PLEASE give me an answer as to how skin-tight white tights, paired up with an also skin-tight shirt pulled just over your butt, paired with uggggggly boots OVER the tights makes a good outfit? I think it's gross, but that's just me.

Anywho...end rant.

Some more pictures from the weekend:

Brian, me, and TC

Me and my sister! We don't get to see each other nearly as often as we should. And we also can't EVER take a picture together in which one of us isn't cut off, squinting, or talking. Ha. This is the best we could get for the night.
 And THEN another of our old friends showed up, Eric. He and TC were best buds growing up. It was a nice little reunion. =)

Me, Eric, and TC
All-in-all, an excellent weekend. Now we're hanging out and doing homework and preparing to eat some BBQ ribs for supper. Yum, yum.

I believe this wins for the most photos in one blog post ever! At least by me. =)


Just posting these up to stay caught up. I'll update tomorrow (or tonight, considering it's coming up on 2:00 am Sunday) with lots of fun photos from the past couple days/nights. Good times at home. =]

43/365: Mannequins. I enjoy the pop of red against all the black & white.
42/365: Some thing at my parents' house. I don't know...It was sitting on the table when I decided I needed to get my photo and go to bed. Ha.
Good night, all!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


41/365: More wedding fun. I need to do more black & white. I love them.

Wedding Fun!

I spent the early afternoon trying on some bridesmaids dresses with my friends Kim and Ashley. Ashley is getting married in May, so we have to nail down the dresses really soon so we can order them and get them in time. Exciting stuff!! Here's a few photos of our favorites from today:

My favorite dress, after debating forever. This photo is Ashley's. She says it's me "Striking a Pose!" ....All I see is that I'm GLOWING!! Ha!

Me, Ashley, and Kimberlie...We were checking if we could sit in the dresses. Turned into "Yay Ashley!" moment. Ha! The one Kim is wearing was also a favorite of ours.

An up-close of the dress on me. It's all silvery-sparkly on the top. 
Pretty fun times at the bridal shop. Ha. I left my phone in Kim's car, so now I have to head up to Brookings to pick it up. Woops! But first, I will update my POTD's!

First and foremost, this won for Monday's photo. Not sure if it was viewer's choice or not...But I ultimately made the decision.

39/365: Paul's red All-Stars. And a piano.

40/365: My late-night photo for last night. I was feeling sort of uninspired, so light painting is always a good way to go. Ha. It works.
Anyway...Now I should be all caught up, until today. Yay!! Off to get some food, and then to get my phone.


My name is Denise and this is the home of my Photography 365 Project. Here you will find many photos and lots of words and hopefully something interesting. Feel free to leave comments and kind words whenever you wish. Thanks for stopping by!