Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Close Tuesday

Last night I went to bed without taking a photo. Not wanting to get out of my cozy bed, I picked up my phone and shot the first thing I saw: Water/ice on my window. Looks cooler smaller on my phone, but I'll post it anyway.

59/365: ...I suck at life.
Today the ice crystals on my window were super big and pretty. Used them as my photo of the day, of course! A much better photo compared to last night's in the dark. Ha!

60/365: Looks like it could be a Too Close Tuesday, but it's not. Just pretty ice crystals.
However, this one IS Too Close Tuesday:
Just realized it looks very similar to today's photo. I should have chosen a more colorful one for today. Oh well.
Leave a comment with your guess! Good luck!


  1. Is it a snow covered shrub?? or a bush..or tree or something??

  2. (Being brave):I kind of thought it was that stuff you put on christmas trees---(not tinsel but the other stuff)but I can't remember its name... ?

  3. Nope, we don't have enough snow up here for that yet. =(
    Here's a hint: It was shot in the art studio at school.

  4. Cass, you need to teach your sister how to see these. WINNER!! Way to go! (but you didn't win anything, sorry.) =P

  5. :( bummer, i suck @these... Please teach me!!

  6. yay! :)
    and if you want me to teach you it will cost you.



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