Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The 50

Whoa, how long has it been?!

My apologies for the unannounced super long break I took. I moved across the state and into a sweet new apartment, started a new job, started another new job, blah blah blah... I know being busy is no excuse, but that's really all I have.

I could catch you up on life's happenings right now, but I think I'll just share some new photos instead. I'll save the crazy long life update for another post (because I'm tired and I have to work a nice 13 hour day tomorrow. Hello, sleep.) But here's a little one for today: I'm shooting a wedding this weekend (My very first! Not sure what my cousin and his gorgeous fiancee are getting into by asking me to do it, but I am extremely excited, and I really really really hope I don't disappoint.) But ANYWAY, I'm renting a fancy 50mm lens from borrowlenses.com this week, so I can use it at their wedding. And let me tell you, I am in love with this thing after just a few hours of having it.

So I got ahold of my good pals Amanda and Kyle, and we walked along the bike trail and even did a little off-road hiking (Ha!) and had ourselves a nice little photographic adventure. And then, this is my favorite part, we stopped at the Milky Way and at some hot dogs and ice cream to finish off this fantastic day.

I do love my friends.

Here's some fresh new photos:

Typically not a fan of powerlines in photos, but somehow it works here...


Tonight was the first day (aside from when baby Corbin was born) that I've been really excited about photography for a while now. I've kinda been in a little funk the past couple months. It feels so so so good to be shooting again.

Now, who wants to buy me this lens so I can keep it forever and ever? =P

(Oh, also, taking a vote on whether or not I should post the creepy spider photo up here on my blog...Yes or No? I know it freaked out some of you, don't know if I should keep that strictly on facebook. Ha! Let me know.)


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