Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chili Saturday

Yesterday was one busy day. Class all day, then Brian and I went to Sioux Falls, did some Christmas shopping (Which I am SO excited about! Got all my nieces and nephews something that I hope they'll like. And there are a few other gifts for other family members which I am also excited about.) Then we met up with my sister and her husband and had dinner with them. Finally, we visited my grandma, who has been in and out of the hospital the past couple weeks.

As Thanksgiving creeps up on us, I must say that I am incredibly thankful for such an awesome family. And that's an old-school "awesome" there. I mean literally AWE some. Ha. They are incredibly supportive and loving and everything that the word "family" should mean. Grandma is doing well, but can still use prayers and good wishes; so please keep them coming.

We sat around a small table in her hospital room putting together a puzzle of Mt. Rushmore, eating peppermint kisses (Thanks, Traci!), talking about life, and watching Shrek. I believe it was one of those family times that I won't forget. We were there for not-so-good reasons, but we were there together, and that's what matters.

Today I was supposed to head down to Vermillion and do a photo session with a friend of a friend. We decided it was a bit too cold and windy out today, so we're postponing til we can get some nicer weather, and therefore better photos. We might have to wait until April, but someday we'll get them. Hehe...

So, instead, I called up my dad and asked him for his amazing chili recipe. (My dad makes THE BEST chili in the world. I actually won't eat it anywhere else anymore, because nothing compares.) I was surprised that he gave out the recipe so easily, but I'm sure he left out some sort of secret ingredient. Oh well. It's been cooking all day and it looks and smells delicious, so hopefully I got close.

Can't wait to try it in a few hours. Thanks, dad!!

Yesterday I spent a lot of my drawing class time taking macro photos in the art studio, so all you artists out there - Too Close Tuesdays should be easy for you in the coming weeks. =)

Yesterday's POTD:

39/365: This mask hangs on a bulletin board in the art studio. Not sure what it's doing there, or whose face it is, but it interests me almost every day I'm there.
I have a strong urge to put together another puzzle. I just may clear off my kitchen table and get started on one. Yes, I believe I will.

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