Friday, February 3, 2012

Babble on and on and on...

Hello, Friday. Even though you're about to leave. Saturday is cool, too, so I'm not complaining.

Working at TJ Maxx makes me feel like a big huge pile of BORING. Most of the girls I work with are super stylish and wear crazy cute clothes to work every day. Me, I rotate around a pair of khakis, some black capris, and some gray capris. Mixed and matched with like five different shirts, all just lame solid-colors. Usually I throw on a zip hoodie or something, too. Oh, one day I did wear a skirt. But still...Big ol snore fest. Then people come through my line buying adorable clothes and I just wanna join them and buy myself some funky skirts and layered tops and cute kicks. But I'm in no position to go on a shopping trip.

However, I am considering hitting up the bookstore tomorrow.

Yeah, priorities.

Anywho...Blah blah blah a bunch of talk about stuff you already know because you're all my facebook friends and read my life updates over there because most of them I don't feel like writing about here because I would probably babble on and on and on and I don't want to put you through that.

So how about some photos, including the big awesome TCT reveal? Fo sho.

I only had two responses this week. TWO! And it was like the easiest shot I've done to date. Come on, you guys!

You guys were both right, Amanda and Summer. It was an egg shell! I've developed this weird like of eggs recently. I loved them when I was a kid (Like LOVED loved them) and then hit high school and college and suddenly I couldn't eat them. For a while there, just the thought of an egg made me feel sick. And sometimes, I'd be like "Yeah, an egg sounds good! I'll take one!" And then my mom would make me an egg (and my family makes really good eggs!) and I'd eat about half of it before deciding I couldn't do it and pawn it off on Dustin. Crazy. But recently, after standing at work all day with nothing to eat, they really hit the spot when I get home. Fry it up, throw it on some buttered toast. Yummo!

Some others...

I believe celery is simply a handy tool that was invented to transport peanut butter into my tummy. Yup. Straight outta the jar!
Last bowl of strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats. =( Probably could cry every time this happens to me. Might add a quick trip to the grocery store after the bookstore tomorrow. Life isn't complete without them. <3
These are always fun, no? Sort of a cop-out photo, I know. But sometimes I end up with cool looking ones like this. Sometimes I try to find words in all the squiggles. These are a little too crazy, though.
Tonight I ate a "Love It" sized ice cream from Coldstone. That's a lot of ice cream! But it was soooo tasty! White chocolate ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups and a nice little drizzle of fudge. Perfection! (But I think the Sioux Falls Coldstone would have made it better. The RC kids seem kinda skimpy on the toppings. I'll be there soon, SF Coldstone...Make me proud.)

Next weekend DEH and Dustin are coming out here! I am so so sooo excited!! Haven't seen them since Christmas. It'll definitely be nice to have a little bit of family time. =) Wish I could see my WHOLE family, but that doesn't take away from the excitement of seeing some of them. Can't wait!

I sure typed up a lot tonight. Hope you all are ok with that. =)


  1. I spelled "khakis" wrong. Guess what, I can edit that without anyone knowing. So sneaky! =P



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