Thursday, November 18, 2010


Thanksgiving day is so close, I can already taste it. Mmmmm!

Until then, I'm eating things like granola bars and cookies. Proof:

37/365: Cookie with frosting and sprinkles!
Yesterevening (there I am with my favorite made-up word again) Paul, Matt, and I attended a Colleges Against Cancer event. Basically, we just put DSU Live's iTunes on random and sat in/by the sound booth and hung out online. We're pretty hard workers, huh? Anyway...We got a couple cookies and Twix bars out of it, so I'd say it was a successful night. Anything for that sugar! Hehe...

We also had a conversation regarding songs that make us cry. I thought of the topic because, well, we were at an event with the word "cancer" involved, which made me think of all the people I know whose lives were taken by it. The song that stood out in my mind was "Guernica" by Brand New. (watch the video, lyrics included, here.) It has so much meaning to me, that it's brought me to tears many, many times.

Today, just for fun, share with me, and everyone else who reads this, the songs that make you emotional. Good or bad.

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