Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You Got This

Heading home for Thanksgiving weekend today. A little nervous, because of the weather. My accounting test has been postponed til Monday, to allow us more time in the morning to travel since the weather is supposed to get worse throughout the day. Now I'm waiting for Brian to get out of class and packed up, then we'll be on the road.

The test postponement ended up being a great thing...It gave me time to clean up my apartment and get my dishes done and make sure I have everything. I would have been super rushed, otherwise.

I tried posting this photo yesterday before I went to bed, but it wouldn't allow me to, for some reason.

53/365: I wrote this in a section of my accounting notes while studying last night. Just a reminder to myself that I know what I'm doing. It sort of makes me want to write positive notes to myself everywhere I go. Hehe...

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