Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lazy, lazy day. I'm currently studying for tomorrow's accounting quiz while watching Shrek 2 and enjoying some orange tea.

An update to yesterday's chili:

It was deeeelicious! Brian said it was "pretty spot-on." which is just what I was going for! We had the leftovers today. (dad's leftover chili is MY FAVORITE!) It was excellent.

Anywho...Will definitely be making it again and again throughout the winter. Pretty excited at how easy it was.

Today's POTD:

51/365: Funny how just washing the dishes can give me some inspiration. Bubbles! Thought about using this as a Too Close photo, but it would have been super easy. Haha.
My tea is getting cold and Shrek 2 is almost over, then it's off to the shower, and then sleep. Early morning of studying again before the quiz (and test on Wed. Ick.) Wish me luck!


  1. for the record-- I probably wouldn't have gotten the too close tuesday even if it was bubbles! :( Lol

  2. Hahaha.... Ohhh, Joni! You're funny. I know you'll get one someday!



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