Monday, November 15, 2010


Does anyone else LOVE the sound that happens when you pop a Spree candy out of the roll with your thumb? I can't even describe it...But it's awesome.

Random thought of the day.

And two Photos of the Day:

45/365: Laci, our model for figure drawing, sculpted this little giraffe very quickly out of a knead-able eraser today. I knew immediately when I saw it that it had to be today's photo. Super glad I brought my camera to class today. =)
34/365: My nephew and I played around with some objects and my backward lens yesterday. He made this fun blue and white pinwheel looking thing out of Legos. We brought it outside into the natural light and this is what happened. Nice.
Weather is getting colder every day! Hopefully we'll see some more snow soon...

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