Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too Close and some words

I think someone hacked my Pandora Manchester Orchestra station and replaced all my favorite bands and music with classical piano solos and such. I have mixed feelings about this. Confession: I do enjoy that classical stuff. Lots of people wouldn't expect that from me, but it's true. Sometimes I even crave that sort of music. (And I even created a classical station on Pandora!) But some days, most days, all I want is to listen to Manchester Orchestra and The Strokes and Weezer and The Postal Service and Iron & Wine and The Shins and the list goes on and on. If I wanted to hear piano music, I would choose another station. What the crap, Pandora? Keep my stations straight, please.

Anyway....I woke up with the hopes of spending my entire day (aside from posting Too Close Tuesday, of course!) studying for tomorrow's accounting exam. So far I have accomplished zero percent of that. Instead, I've been reading photography blogs. It started during class, and has continued throughout these two hours of my life which I can never get back.

Although it seems like a waste of time, I know it's not. A lot of my reading has been on this guy's site, where there's a post featuring quite a debate about cheap/free photography. This is something I've been feeling pretty strongly about since I've gotten into photography. My reasoning is this: I don't think it's right to charge people for sub-pro photos. Simple as that. If you're an amateur, your photos and sessions should be paid in experience. Experience, to me, is worth more than the money at this point. And also, put yourself in your clients' shoes. If you are spending money on a photographer, shouldn't the photos be EXTRAORDINARY? This is where maybe some sort of lack of confidence comes in for me...I don't feel that what I'm putting out there is all that great. I'm still learning the basics, I'm still awkward and clumsy, I'm still trying to find my "style"...I don't want people to have to PAY me to do that. I would rather wait until I know that my work is the best I can do, and THEN worry about the money.

I could go on and on and on about this. But I won't. Not today.

Instead: Too Close Tuesday!

Joni, this one is for you. I know you'll get it. (At least I hope so, otherwise I'll feel pretty bad. Ha...)
I think it's easy, but that could just be because I shot it.

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