Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Fun!

I spent the early afternoon trying on some bridesmaids dresses with my friends Kim and Ashley. Ashley is getting married in May, so we have to nail down the dresses really soon so we can order them and get them in time. Exciting stuff!! Here's a few photos of our favorites from today:

My favorite dress, after debating forever. This photo is Ashley's. She says it's me "Striking a Pose!" ....All I see is that I'm GLOWING!! Ha!

Me, Ashley, and Kimberlie...We were checking if we could sit in the dresses. Turned into "Yay Ashley!" moment. Ha! The one Kim is wearing was also a favorite of ours.

An up-close of the dress on me. It's all silvery-sparkly on the top. 
Pretty fun times at the bridal shop. Ha. I left my phone in Kim's car, so now I have to head up to Brookings to pick it up. Woops! But first, I will update my POTD's!

First and foremost, this won for Monday's photo. Not sure if it was viewer's choice or not...But I ultimately made the decision.

39/365: Paul's red All-Stars. And a piano.

40/365: My late-night photo for last night. I was feeling sort of uninspired, so light painting is always a good way to go. Ha. It works.
Anyway...Now I should be all caught up, until today. Yay!! Off to get some food, and then to get my phone.

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