Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Should Have Posted Yesterday ;)

My cousin Joni very kindly reminded me that I forgot that yesterday was Tuesday and therefore did not post a "Too Close Tuesday" (Her exact words were: "where was too close tuesday?! lol" Haha she's great) So! Here is that, along with yesterday's photo. 

"Too Close Tuesday!!"
Potentially very easy. (Especially for my roommate. *hint, hint*) But oh well.

Yesterday's Photo:
46/365: Small sketchbook and pencils. Shot literally like RIGHT before I went to bed. Ha.


  1. I got it!!! I know what Too Close Tuesday is! When I saw that post I was wondering if you would have a picture of them somehow!!

  2. Haha, Traci! Yeah, I was staring at them ALL DAY...I got a few of them as a whole, but I knew this part of it had to be the Too Close one! Thank you for leaving such inspiration at the apartment! Hehe. And thank you for not revealing the answer right away, so Joni has to wonder some more! =P

  3. Well I didn't want to ruin your game already!!!

  4. :( This is not fair!!! Please I'm just dying to know!! I can never get these things!!

  5. Here's a hint: It is VERY representative of South Dakota. =)

  6. I get it now!!! :) hehe



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