Sunday, November 28, 2010

Four, finally!

Lots of catching up to do. It's been a busy weekend...Full of family and food and shopping and lights. I could type up a detailed run-down of our weekend happenings, but I'll just use pictures instead.

57/365: And so begins the Christmas related photos! These were on the tables at my church when we went to clean it last night. I am beyond excited about the possibilities of creativity around Christmas time.
56/365: On Friday we went shopping in Sioux Falls and visited my grandma in the hospital. While there, we saw on the news that the Parade of Lights was happening, so we headed downtown and froze our butts off (we were not dressed to stand outside for 2 hours) but still had tons of fun. There were lots of people there, as you can see.
55/365: My Thanksgiving photo. I took TONS of pictures on Thursday, but I kept coming back to this one. My littlest nephew was keeping himself entertained for the longest time with a couple toy cars. That's his mom's (my sister's) hand playing, too. So precious.
54/365: Wednesday we arrived home and spent the evening chatting and helping my parents prepare for our giant Thanksgiving feast. My oldest nephew and I peeled 20 pounds of potatoes. This is my dad's 100% homemade apple pie, only seconds out of the oven. It was incredible.
I will add more photos from the weekend once I'm back in Madison where the wireless connection is better. These four took quite a while to upload. Check back tonight or tomorrow!


  1. Oh man, that lattice pie looks sooo scrumptious! :)

  2. OHHHHH, it was!! I only got one piece of it, sadly. Was planning on adding some whipped cream or ice cream to the top; but I didn't, and it was STILL amazing.



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