Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So sorry this is so late tonight. I worked all afternoon and got home and then ate at Famous Dave's (Sorry, RC, the one in Sioux Falls wins my heart. You're cool and all, and I know you're brand new to this city, but you're missing that super fun atmosphere. The food was still phenomenal, and I'll always love you, but you've got some breaking in to do.) And then I did some laundry and THEN I had a few people ask me about TCT and I was like "Holy cow, it's Tuesday!!" So yes. Here I am. You guys can thank Summer and Traci. =)

Here we go...First of all, the TCT shot:

Woo! I need more daylight to get better shots. I believe that no light can top sunlight, and we don't get enough of it in the winter. Hang in there, friends. We'll have some better TCT's soon.

Make some guesses as to what that is in the comments. Blah blah blah, you know the drill. =P

So here's some recent daily images:

Look what I woke up to today!! SNOW!! Not much snow, but it still made my morning. And then it got warm and it all turned to slush and then it got cold and it all turned to ice so I'm a little less happy about it. Boo, Western SD, you're no fun for a snow-loving girl.
I feel like this should be a TCT, as well. Brian couldn't figure out what this is. If you don't want to know, stop reading now. If you do want to know, continue reading now. It's a clear plastic up of icy Dr. Pepper. The condensation bubbles around the outside looked all glittery and I took a bazillion photos of this cup. Ok, more like 10...But either way, I was all intrigued by the sparklyness. Yep, I just made up another word. And then I used it as the title of this post.
Self-Portrait Sunday....Yeah, I know, this is like soooo cliche. Same with last week. But the photo I REALLY wanted to get wasn't working out, and I was tired and getting frustrated, so you get the mirror camera shot. Hope you're happy. I'm not. =P (Ok, I admit it, I do kind of like this one....Kind of. Like a millimeter of like.)
Books. These are most of the ones I read in the past year. Mainly over the summer months this year. So many good reads here. If anyone would like to borrow one or two of these, let me know. I'll gladly send them your way. And if anyone would like to borrow a book to me to read, shoot me a comment and I'll email you my address. Book exchanges are good. And I have no books to read currently. Boo.
So there ya go. A Too Close Tuesday shot, and some other dailys. Hope you enjoyed them.

Oh! And if you're wondering, work is going great. Haven't started at Best Buy yet...But TJ Maxx is a pretty fun place. I like my co-workers and the job is pretty simple. I fully enjoy jobs where I can talk to new people every day, and this is definitely one of them. I also realized that I don't know if I'll ever have a job that I enjoyed quite as much as working at the museum over the summer. Seriously...It was the best. And if I wanted to stick around the Hills for another summer, I would totally work there again. Anywho...Just wanted to get that out there. =)

Make a TCT guess! And then go do something else that's fun. Be happy, my friends.


  1. My guess is a slice/shred of a purple onion from a sandwich or salad. I'll post up the husband's guess tomorrow. (he asked me to let him take a guess on the TCT shots too, cuz he finds them intriguing) =)

  2. Dan also thinks it's an onion. But he said the proper name for it would be a "red onion". I still say purple. lol. Or it could be a piece of purple cabbage? Or I could just be really hungry every time I look at this photo? lol. =)



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