Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today my friend Summer actually showed up at my apartment to tell me that I still had not posted this week's TCT reveal. (JK, she actually stopped by to introduce me to her husband - something that was long overdue) But anyway, she did mention it and I realized how far behind I am. So here ya go. Sorry for the delay.

The answer wasssss....

An onion. A red one. Or a purple one. Or whatever the correct name for it is. Yep. It was an easy one.

I also missed a few days of photos. Woops! One of them can be found on Brian's phone, unless he deleted it. (He probably did.) But the other just didn't happen. *sigh*

So here's a few others instead:

"hope" bracelet. Ashley gave this to me over the summer. I wear it all the time. =)

Yeap...Photo from the car. Blahhhh...But I do like the birds.

And today's Sunday Self-Portrait (#4!) My grandma gave me this mug a loooong time ago. It spent forever sitting on my dresser with bobby pins and paperclips and other random junk inside it. Now that I'm a coffee and tea drinker, I use it nearly every day to transport that delicious stuff into my belly. Faaaavorite. <3
So did anyone else watch the Winter X Games this week? I caught a bit of it earlier today and after work tonight. But HOLY COW, do you know what happened?! Someone did a front flip on a snowmobile. Let me repeat that. Someone did a FRONT FLIP on a freaking SNOWMOBILE!! Like...How is that even possible?! Honestly. My stomach dropped and I got all scared when he started. And then...There he goes. Just like it's a perfectly normal thing for a snowmobile to do! My jaw dropped. I wanted to scream and cheer. But I didn't. And THEN, Shaun White goes and scores 100 on the superpipe? WHAT?! I am floored. So glad the TV was on ESPN when I got home from work, or I would have watched My Fair Wedding instead and missed the whole thing! Talk about luck!

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