Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey, guys.

Thanks for reading this. I don't know if I say that enough. I can't believe how many fantastic people I have following this little piece of the internet. Makes me feel pretty awesome. I'm trying to top my stats and reach 1,285 views for this month. My record is 1,284 from December 2010. So I've got 11 days to get 285 more views. Think I can do it? I believe I can. But only with your help. =D

Ha...We're all about goals this year, have you noticed? Speaking of goals, my donations amount is slowly increasing. Thank you, THANK YOU! everyone! I'm really feeling confident about reaching that $700 by April. Big things are happening, all because of you.

Anywho, here's some pretty pictures.

Everywhere else in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD has snow. And we have this. What the crap, Rapid City? Get your winter together. This is so not cool. I mean, I know I will appreciate the 40-50 degree weather you have in store for us all next week, but come on...I just wanna see some pretty winter snow already. Get it done. This photo makes me very depressed.
OH! Up next is this week's Too Close Tuesday photo reveal! Remember what it looked like? Any final guesses?

You guys were super duper close with your answers. I'm gonna give credit to all of you, because you were all basically right. Here's the photo:

It WAS yarn! Good work everyone. This is a scarf I'm re-doing for miss Halle. The one I made for her for Christmas didn't turn out too great (because it was the first one, cut me some slack, right?) And I was so unhappy with it that I decided to make her another one that didn't suck. Still gave her the first one, so she'd have it to open up, and she seemed to like it despite its flaws. =) Little kids are so sweet. Anywho...I really need to get going on this thing, as you can see there's still lots of yarn left on the ball and not much on the scarf. Ha! Here we go....

Wednesday's photo. Baby Jimmy John's subs in the break room at work. Cell phone photo. The only one I got all day. It works, I guess. (PS - I did not enjoy one of these little guys, sadly)
Tuesday was my first day of work. When I got home, Brian and I took a trip to Sonic and got some Cherry Limeades and  late night fast food. Cherry Limeade from Sonic is now my favorite drink in the whole world. Sooo yummy.
How about some photo requests? Think of something you want me to shoot. An object, an idea, a song, a word, ANYTHING...And I'll interpret in my own weird little way, and report back here with what I come up with. How's that sound? Give me some ideas, I'm running low on inspiration and motivation in this snow-less city.


  1. Mmmm cherry limeade! For picture ideas, I'm a little short. Maybe you could interpret a line from some of your favorite songs like Kyle is doing this year. Also, revisiting some of the awesome places you had pictures of from summer for a comparison would be cool. Else, touristy stuff like the badlands or missile silo or air and space museum or even wall drug or something. A trip to deadwood is always good to get options too, especially at mount moriah.would be cooler if there was snow maybe, but you're awesome, so I'm sure you could make it into something great!

  2. Aww, thanks for all the ideas Amanda!! =D You guys are the best. Things are so dull here right now with the weather being so stupid. Never thought I'd be so upset about not having snow. Ha! Hopefully I can get a trip around the Hills soon to recreate some of the shots from this summer.
    And I've considered the song thing (Didn't know Kyle was doing that, AWESOME!!) I might see what I can do there. Sounds like fun!

  3. Rainbows. You need to take pictures of rainbow colors. Doesn't have to be an actual rainbow, just a blend of colors. I love colors. And rainbows. lol. =)

  4. Rainbows! And colors! Of course! I've actually been trying to seek out some more colors in my photos. This weather is just draining me of all fun, though. I will keep looking! Colors make me happy too! =D



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