Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Deceiving

My computer just crashed. My big dumb old piece of crap Gateway just flat out shut off on me without any warning. I think it was because I was watching like an hour and a half of TV on it, and it kind of overheated. I have to admit I saw it coming. Surprised this thing can still run Photoshop anymore...

Hang in there, buddy...You're all I have right now, and I'd be lost without you. So anywho...

Time for a quick update. Ready for the answer to Tuesday's photo?

Here it is again:

How about a little farther out?

There! Did that help? Ladies, that should have made it much easier.

Ok, fine. Here's a full shot...

TA-DA!!!! Nail polish. Nice and super sparkly nail polish! That was fun, huh? (PS, how do you get your nails all sparkly like you'd think they would be by looking at the bottle? I had to put like 5 coats of this stuff on to even get a little bit close. Boo, nail polish. You're so deceiving.)

Another, last night's photo:

I have a nametag!!! So exciting! Last night was my orientation/training at TJ Maxx. Seems like it'll be an alright job. The people who work there all seem really fun, so it should be good. Looking forward to making some new friends. =) Only working part-time for now, but that works out BECAUSE I also got offered a part-time sales job at Best Buy. Wooo!! Had to go get a drug test done this morning. (And THAT, my friends, was an experience in itself. FYI - Don't go pee before you leave to go to a drug test. Duh, right? Yeah. Go me.) So, assuming I pass that test, I'll be starting there sometime next weekish. Then I'll have TWO nametags! Hooray!


  1. Congrats!! Proud of you!

  2. YAY!!!! Congrats on the hopefully 2nd job! And that nail polish is AWESOME looking. Great picture dude. =)



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