Thursday, January 12, 2012


Should have some fun new news this weekend. Be ready. =)

So I just want to throw this out there...I know not EVERYONE is gonna know what I'm referring to here, but I just want to say that I am so proud of where I come from. I've seen so many people stand up for one of our community members today, and it is so so so amazing to witness. I know I don't know the full story, being out here in RC and all, but from what I do know - I love seeing so many I-W parents and students and alumni and supporters banding together to make things right. That's just something you don't see anywhere but in a small town. <3

Anywho, yesterday it was nice and chilly outside so I got to wear my sweet new headband that my sister-in-law (and brother too, I suppose) got me for Christmas. I was so excited that I had to take pictures of myself. Which always makes me feel awkward, but oh well. I do it anyway.

Yep...Pretty cool, huh? Not sure which one I like more. One of them has to go into my 2012 folder. Help me choose? #1 or #2?

Some others:

I ate an orange the other day....

Kids love Cuties. Cuz Cuties were made for kids. (Because I really stink at peeling real oranges. These little guys are so easy though!)
MOST. DIFFICULT. PUZZLE. EVER!! This has been on the kitchen table since I got here, almost a month ago. And it's barely halfway done. Usually I can finish a 1000 piecer in a few days. Maybe a week or two, depending. But not this one! Thanks, Mom & Dad, for buying me such a great puzzle as a Christmas gift. It's been keeping me busy on these super duper boring jobless days.
So there's that. OH! Go back to Tuesday's post and make a guess on the photo! I'll get the reveal photo up here tomorrow, so this is your last chance!

Also, THANK YOU for the donations! I'm up to just under $240 now, and we're still less than a week into this goal. AMAZING! I really don't know how to thank you enough for the donations. If anyone else still wants to contribute, the little link is over there somewhere --->

Check back soon for some official news from the job front. =)

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  1. My vote is for photo #2. It shows exactly who you are in one sense, but adds a whole dimension of mystery in another. =)



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