Tuesday, January 17, 2012


First real day at the new job tonight. Well, not sure how "real" it will be; I think I'm pretty much just shadowing someone, doing a little training and learning. But we can call it a real day. =)

Anywho, it's Tuesday!

Check out my super close shot and tell me what it is.

Easy peasy.

Some others...

Finally got some snow yesterday! And it was cold and it felt like winter. Woke up with this lovely frost on my window. I was pretty excited. Today, however, it's back to being rather warm and sunny and most of the snow has melted. I am SO not used to this warm winter weather out here. I miss you, SESD. 

So, the day before yesterday, I forgot it was Sunday and that Sundays are Self-Portrait days. So I jumped the gun a little when I made cookies and used my cookie jar shot as Sunday's photo. So later Sunday night I got a dumb picture of myself and we're moving Sunday's cookie jar photo to Saturday, since I didn't get one that day. I know, it's cheating. But I don't care. This is my project and I can do what I want.


Self-Portrait Sunday #2 - Snore...It's so lame and cliche and all those other words that I don't like. But it fits the rules so I'm sticking with it. Boom.

I have to say, these are way up there on my list of good cookies. They're still super soft and tasty today. Next time I'll make them bigger. (Although these ARE the perfect size for dunking into a glass of milk. You know who you are.) =)

Also, because I'm awesome...Here's the recipe I used.

Now go make some cookies.

After you guess what my Too Close Tuesday shot is.


  1. I'm glad you're getting work, Denise. I keep hoping the best for you! I think the image is some sort of knit winter wear up close. Maybe the pompom on a beanie.

  2. I feel like the close up is yarn.
    This is Brandi, at work sooo I don't want to sign in here. hahaha

  3. Is the TCT of one of your awesome stocking hats? Also, those cookies look amazing! And now I wish you lived closer again...milk and cookies are delicious :)



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