Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hey guys! Real quick!

Worked all day today, so just now getting today's TCT photo shot and posted up here. Here it is!

There ya go! Make some guesses! Good luck!

Also, yesterday's photo:

Had lunch at Jake's BBQ yesterday. Sooo good! If you're ever in Rapid City, make a stop at this place. Everyone is super friendly and laid-back and the food is aaaaamazing! =D

Been a while since I mentioned my handy dandy little Donation button over there ----> somewhere. Feel free to chip in and help me out. =) I'm just under $300 right now, and my goal is $700 by April 1st. Thanklin Franklin! (101 points to whoever can associate that phrase with music. Go!)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. With all awesome baking you've been doing lately, I think the TCT pic is an egg shell :)

  2. I think the pic is an egg shell too. Or a tiny angry clam shell. lol. =)



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