Saturday, October 29, 2011

Soda Pop Girl

I dare you to find a band that is more relaxing to listen to than Iron & Wine. Holy cow, I enjoy these guys...I could let these songs play over and over for an entire day week month and never get sick of hearing them. Brilliant.

Anyway, I should be packing. I'm moving out on Monday. Dustin plays football in Wall, which is just a short 50 miles away from Rapid. Could this have worked out any more perfectly? Nope. Sadly, the kid got injured at the last game. I was listening to it online (because technology is awesome and I can do that) and I seriously freaked out when it happened. They took him in to get an X-Ray, but his fibula is, in fact, still intact. He's not 100% yet, but it sounds like he'll still be playing on Monday, so that's good. 2nd round playoffs!! It's a big important game.(PS, read about last week's game here: Eagles Overcome Penalties, Injury to Bounce South Central 31-12)

Lots of new photos...Some good, some not. Same old...

19/365 - I did some apartment searching, and this is my list. Not really sure if this is still in the works or not. I called the guy and he was supposed to send me an application to this place, but I still have not received it. Can't say I'm all too happy about that...Probably will have to start over....
20/365 - If I'm awake early enough, the sunrise hitting these trees outside my window is gorgeous! This was shot at about 7:00 or 7:30 that morning, but if I catch it at 6:30 instead, it is pretty incredible. Fall is beautiful around here.
21/365 - Just a humorous picture....TWO firetrucks are there. To change ONE tire! ....What the heck....
22/365 - One of those "Omigosh, it's midnight and I didn't take a picture today!" shots. Camera was sitting on the couch next to me, so I just pressed the button and said "That's my photo, no matter how it turned out." Ha!
23/365 - MOST. FUN. EVER. !!! I hadn't been up to the Dinosaur Park yet, so Brian and I checked it out one day. (Because he's awesome with directions and knew how to get there.) I don't remember if it was me or him that mentioned how cool it would be to do some tilt-shift photos, but I shot away and came home with some great options. Spent some time in Photoshop and here's one of the results. Love it!
24/365 - What's the one thing you're NOT supposed to do while driving down the interstate at 80 mph? Take pictures. ...At least I wasn't texting.
25/365 - Once again, what's the one thing you're NOT supposed to do while driving down the interstate at 80 mph? Take pictures. But HOLY COW, how could I resist this sunset over the hills? Come on. And in my defense, it took 2 seconds and only ONE hand to do. Not as dangerous as it sounds. Again, at least I wasn't texting.
26/365 - Last night's photo. Made a late-night decision that we wanted some Sonic food. Made a late-night decision that I still needed a photo and hadn't done one of these in a while. Not the best, but it works. I was too excited about the Watermelon Cream-Slush that was going to be in my hands in 20 seconds.
All caught up now. Hooray!

So I don't think it's any secret, at least to my closest friends, that I strongly dislike Halloween. I mean it's fun for the kids and I have nothing against free candy from strangers...But girls...SERIOUSLY?! My facebook page blows up with photos of sexy zombies and slutty sailor-girls and hookerface superheroes and sassy playboy referees and basically anything in the entire world, just with a sexy word in front of it...Holy cow. Whatever happened to original costumes that don't come pre-packaged? Whatever happened to costumes with THOUGHT and EFFORT put into them? Not just some lingerie thrown into a $40 bag with "Sexy Purple Soda Pop Girl" written on it. Maybe I'm just boring, or maybe just a little classier than that, but I find it all pretty disgusting. Put some clothes on, ladies. You're grown-ups now.


  1. Where are you moving to? If it's in our area and you need any extra help, let us know. Also, I love the tire-changing picture...2 fire trucks, plus they are directly out front of an auto parts store. If they're actually just changing a tire, don't you think someone there could have helped? :)

  2. I'm moving to Aberdeen. =) So, not very close to you...Haha, oh well.
    And yeah...I thought the double-fire-truck-rescue was hilarious. I'm thinking maybe they had to call them just cuz it was the middle of a busy intersection...but TWO?! Ha...They didn't look like they were getting very far, either. I mean SOMEONE within that group had to know how to do it. I dunno...Rapid City...Sheesh. =P

  3. I completely agree with the costume thing. I have made all of Dora's and Drake's costumes by hand each Halloween, and I usually do mine and Dan's too. It makes for fonder memories and more wholesome family fun on a great holiday. =)



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