Friday, October 14, 2011


Hello, again.

I have a confession to make.

("Can I tell you a secret?" ... "No." ... "Ok, here goes...I'veneveractuallybuiltatentbefore. There. I said it.")

I have already failed my 365 Project. I know, I know. I am sorry. But I have a very good excuse! I took a trip to Aberdeen and I was enjoying myself way too much to even THINK about photos. Yes, that's possible. And it happened. I had good subjects and things to shoot, but I just didn't. I wanted to be ME and not "me hiding behind a camera" ...So, oh well. I missed three days. Big whoop.

...Wait, that's not true. Once I missed those three days, I kind of stopped altogether. I've missed lots of days. More like five. Terrible. 

And, to be completely honest, the photos I've taken since the beginning have been pretty lame. But I will still reveal them. Because you guys are awesome and like to see them, even when they stink. Thanks for that.

Here's a few...

3/365 - My friend Summer gave me this little cutie-pie. It's a bamboo plant. (How do I correctly say that? Is it a bamboo PLANT? Or is it just a bamboo? Or is it just bamboo with out the "a" in front? Hmmm...) Anywho, I think it's really cool and I try to remember to give him water every day, but I sometimes forget. I think he's still staying alive, though.

4/365 - This is what happens when I pack my weekend bag the night before I leave. Giant mess. But, trust me, there is some sort of organization here. I feel like this should be in an I Spy book. (Speaking of, who can spot my "horsey blankie?")

6/365 - Here's Ashley and Jack. The only picture I took all weekend. And it's from my cell phone, which is why it looks terrible. But Jack is the coolest cat in the world, so it makes up for it.

9/365 - On my drive back to Rapid, I stopped at a rest stop outside Chamberlain just as the sun was setting. It was so pretty! I had to run back to the car and get my camera before I let myself leave. If you've never driven West across South Dakota around this time, do it. Aside from being blinded by the sun, you will not regret it. =)
Oh! Guess what else! Ashley taught my how to knit while I was at her place. I'm still pretty terrible at it, but I've got a pretty purple scarf in the works. It's exciting! I don't think it's something I'll ever be REALLY good at, but it's a fun little hobby to pick up.

Today was my last day at the museum. We've been working on closing the place up and getting it all ready for doing nothing and seeing nobody during the winter months. So all the sculptures are covered up and they look like Halloween ghosts. Yeah, It freaks me out a little.


Yeah. Freaky.

So anyway. Now I'm pretty much jobless. Unless you count the part-time laundry-folding business. Feeling a little overwhelmed with the job hunt. I feel under-qualified and inexperienced and all that good terrible stuff. I just wish I could figure out where I am supposed to go and what I am supposed to do. The future is scary.


  1. I hear ya on the job hunt... I mean, yes, I have two jobs, but neither one are what I want to be doing with my life. No way... But the job hunt intimidates me. There's so many places that I COULD be looking into.... hospitals, newspapers, etc... But I just don't know how to approach them... and then, more than likely, be turned down because of lack of experience. Soo with you on that front.

    And... I've UBER failed at my 365 Project... Been tempted to just start over, but.... I would probably end up just doing the same thing. :( I have pictures to post, I just haven't been able to find the time to match up the dates and post them. :S I'm like... 2-3 months behind now. :'( Ugh... However, I enjoy your pictures... and they're not crappy. I don't think you could take a bad picture.

    Miss you! We will have to get together for lunch or something if you get back on this side of the state. :D

  2. Oh, I know. Being inexperienced is no fair at all. Nobody will hire you because you don't have experience. And you don't have experience because nobody will hire you. Ya know...It's like, all you need is ONE place to just give you a chance to break the cycle. It's to this horrible point where there's places that are hiring, but I'm so afraid of rejection that I don't even want to take the chance. I need some confidence, big time.

    I fell behind on mine this summer so bad that I just gave up. TECHNICALLY I did take a picture every day, because that's what I did at my job, but none of them were my OWN, if that makes sense. Just group photos, not fun at all. It's a tough project to do right now, when our lives are kinda crazy. I think once we're settled down with jobs we're happy with and normal schedules, it will be easier. But until then....

    YES, let's get together when I get back there!! I have sooooo much to tell you about. Haha, life is crazy. And I know you will understand everything. =) Miss you!!

    (And PS - I DO take bad pictures ALL THE TIME! I just choose not to share them. Ha!)

  3. It's a bamboo shoot, technically. But since it's in a container, it can be considered a plant. =) I enjoy your pictures, even if you don't post them every single day. Keep up the good work, even if it means being inconsistent. Inconsistency in behavior can lead to a consistent feeling of happiness. I totally just made that saying up as I was typing, but it works. lol. =)



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