Tuesday, June 14, 2011


How about some photos for once?

Nothing too exciting. Just a couple from the first two weeks here in RC. And also a Too Close Tuesday shot, because I miss them.

First off, here's an example of what I do at work. Multiple times a day, I drive to and from Mt. Rushmore, line up a bunch of people in front of the monument, and take their picture. Wooo! Then I drive it back down the mountain, edit and print them, and drive back up the mountain to deliver them. It's a lot of driving. It's a lot of waiting. It's a lot of hoping for good weather....

Last week we had to take this group's photo and photoshop Mt. Rushmore in, since it's clearly way too foggy! So sad, because it was Steph's first time to Mt. Rushmore, and it was cold and foggy and she didn't even get to see it! (But the next day she did!)

On our way out of town. I like the sort of foggyness here. And the train tracks that lead the train to waking me up every night.

This is from yesterday, taken in the parking lot area. Ginormous dark cloud looming over Mt. Rushmore. Sort of eerie. Mostly cool.

I get pretty bored sometimes, waiting for the buses  motor coaches to show up.

Windy day. My tripod + camera almost blew away in the wind this day. I caught it and the people cheered. Hooray!

And here's today's TCT shot. Take some guesses in the comments.
(Also, I think you should know that the last TCT shot was a flower petal. Sorry it took me so long to say it. Ha!)

And, on a sad note, my 365 Project has gotten away from me. I still take a photo every day (of a tour group, if nothing else) but I've lost track of the days so bad that it will now be impossible to organize the 2 weeks' worth of photos. Maybe I'll get it back on track someday...But for now it's kind of died. My days have all been running together. I'm sorry. =(

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