Saturday, June 18, 2011


Has anyone seen the movie "I'm Still Here" with Joaquin Phoenix? It's pretty insane. I need to watch it again to wrap my head around it. He is one crazy actor. And by crazy, I mean crazy GOOD.

Last weeks' Too Close Tuesday shot was the little box on my bracelet. Here it is again:

And here's one of the bracelet in full. An older photo, and I like that the box is out of focus...But you get the idea.

This morning Brian had to be at work at 7:00 and I didn't have to clock in until 10:00. So I had three whole hours to waste in Keystone. I went down to the park and read in the sunlight for an hour and a half. Then I noticed how glorious the dew was on the grass. So I took some photos and then kind of went from there...Most of these are blind shot-from-the-hip photos, where I let the camera do its own thing. I just pressed the button.

Definitely gonna be returning to these shots throughout the summer. It's tough to really get down there and focus when you're wearing nice office-work clothes and can't really get them wet or dirty. Someday I will have THE perfect dewy grass photo.


Bumblebee...There are tons of these little guys here. They're so fuzzy and adorable and I wish I could hold them. Again, will be returning to this shot. He was too quick for me today to really get a good one.

Flowers outside the 1880 Train Station

And, of course, my favorite place to sit in Keystone. Right outside Teddy's Deli (great place for lunch!) looking down the "boardwalk." Keystone is such an adorable little town. This is my daily view. Love love love it!
We went for a walk the other day and found that there's a cute little stream/river/some-form-of-running-water practically right in our backyard. Check it out:

It is pretty wonderful. Will probably be spending some afternoons there, just shooting. =)

By the end of next week I will have worked 25 days with only 4 days off. It's exhausting! Luckily, my job consists of running a cash register, giving directions, driving up and down the mountain, taking a few photos, cleaning, and talking to my awesome Canadian co-workers (and also not talking to my awesome Canadian co-workers because they sometimes have conversations in French.)

It's been good so far. Still tough being so far from home, but texting is helpful. Gotta love technology! Makes me wonder how people kept in touch back in the day. Letters? Could you imagine sending an "LOL" message to someone and having it take DAYS to reach them? Sheesh....

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