Saturday, April 2, 2011

Red Velvet

Did anyone get fooled yesterday? Share your stories!

My sister tried to get me, but I'm way too smart to fall for any jokes this year. I'm quick! One of these days I think I'll prank her real good. She won't even see it coming! Maybe it won't even be on April 1st. Who knows!

It was a gorgeous day today so I suggested to Brian that we go for a run. He told me we couldn't go today, because it's Saturday. So I baked some red velvet cupcakes instead. You win some, you lose some, I guess. I think replacing running with cupcakes is a fair trade, though. I'd been craving some baking for a while now. (I've been "Stumbling" quite a bit and it always, always, brings me to baking/cooking blogs and seeing all those delicious cupcakes makes me really want to make some.)

I now understand how there are so many photos of people's baked goods. When you set them in some natural light and start shooting, it's a pretty magical moment. I could have taken a million photos of my cupcakes tonight. And they weren't even very special. Just regular old cupcakes with regular old frosting. I can't imagine how awesome it would be to have some exceptional cupcakes!

I also can't decide which photo I like more, to be today's POTD...Please help me by telling me which one you like more!!

Cupcake #1 - Option for POTD
Cupcake #2 - Option for POTD
Please comment with #1 or #2! This is a really important decision so choose wisely! Ha. Just kidding...But seriously.

Here's another cool photo. I just love love love the deep red color these are.

Yesterday was also a glorious day. I found myself sitting on the floor in the big patch of sun coming through the doors. It was warm and awesome. Mmm sunshine!

HEY AND GUESS WHAT ELSE! Yesterday was the the 6 month mark! I'm halfway through the year of photos! It's pretty exciting. Not because I'm excited to be done in 6 months, but because I'm excited I have made it this far without losing interest or giving up. Yay!!

Tomorrow we're heading home for the day. I'm doing a sweet photoshoot with Rachel and some of her friends. I am super excited! Hopefully all goes well and I end the day with the vision in my head completed. I will update on that soon. Wish me luck!!

(Also, to my facebook friends who are reading this - Please, please, please go to my new album and "like" the 3 photos which you think are the BEST. I need to choose only ONE of them to submit to Beadlemania, and having some input is always helpful. And if we're not facebook friends - Go ahead and add me so you can do this! Denise Livingston is the name. Thanks a bunch!!)

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