Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Caught Up

I took a break from the board game design and organized the past two weeks' worth of photos. I feel much, much better now. I hate having "to do" lists in the back of my mind, which is something I'm VERY excited about getting away from once I'm done with school.

Which brings me to our next topic of discussion: I am graduating college in *checks calendar* 17 days! Wait, what? That can't be right. Lots to do before then! On Monday, Brian and I bought our caps & gowns! It doesn't get much more real than that. They're currently hanging in my bathroom, where they will probably stay until A) My shower steam finally gets the wrinkles out, or B) Graduation day...Whichever comes first. We will be having some sort of graduation party. We're not sure on the location yet, but I'll let everyone know once we get it nailed down.

Yesterday was quite a day. We spent the majority of it in Sioux Falls, running some errands and doing a little shopping, and we even got the chance to visit my grandma and the rest of my family at the hospital where grandma is currently staying. I finally picked up my dress for Ashley's wedding. Fits like a glove!! There's nothing better than having someone zip it up in the back and realizing that you need to waste ZERO money on alterations. It pretty much made my day! We also ate at Fuddruckers, one of my most favorite places ever. Sometimes, there's nothing better than a big 'ol cheeseburger. Mmmm! My grandma seems to be doing alright. Today they're putting a drainage tube in to reduce the fluid around her lungs. She gave me crap last night for wearing a Dodgers shirt. (Don't worry Grandma and family, the Cubs are still #1 to me!) Then we did a little grocery shopping and headed home. Didn't really do anything particularly FUN yesterday, but we still enjoyed the day.

Here are a few photos from last week which I'd like you to see:

Mmm Strawberries!
Dustin pole vaulting. He ended up winning this meet.

Dustin and Garrett

One of his friends told him he should have black socks and blue shoes. He'd be the most color-coordinated athlete in the world. Ha!
Some from I-W's PROM!

Dustin and his date, Dana.

Dustin and his girlfriend.

Some buddies.

Dustin and his nieces.
You know what? I should rename this blog "The Happenings of Dustin." Sheesh, I never noticed how it is dominated by photos of him. I guess it makes some sense, since most of my entertainment this year has come from his football and basketball games. And now track and prom and wow...What am I gonna do this summer when I don't live just an hour away?! Ha...

My BFF's last week. Even though it takes me FOREVER to swallow them.

The majority our our meals last week. Poor Brian, he just kept eating soup for supper with me. He probably got sick of it, but never complained. Bless his heart. =)
And then, finally, this past weekend I felt healthy enough to eat some real food. But still not healthy enough to cook it. So...Pizza Hut saved the day, once again.

Mmmm it was delicious!!
Now we're on to last night's photo and the one before that!

One of the very few decorations we have at the apartment. Found this photo online and then turned it into a bunch of 8x10's and then framed them and it's kinda cool. Will probably do some more sometime. It's hard to get into decorating a place when you know you're not going to be there longer than a year. 
Last night's photo. Rain on the car window.
ALL CAUGHT UP!! YES! Now, back to work.

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