Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Post

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. After two weeks of nothing but rain & clouds, on Sunday morning the sun shining super brightly woke me up. It was a great feeling. In my head I said "The sun (Son) has risen!" Haha...Fitting, eh?

We had a pretty fun day. The Easter Bunny left a pinata full of goodies for my nieces and nephews so after church we went to their house and watched them bash it open. Poor little Tucker was devastated - he didn't want to "kill the Easter Bunny" so he just screamed the whole time. His little mind just couldn't understand that this wasn't REALLY the Easter Bunny and you're supposed to smash pinatas. We even took some of the candy out so he could see that you had to break it to get inside. Nope, nothing. I think next year E.B. needs to bring them an ugly pinata, not one shaped like a happy Easter bunny head. Here are some pictures!

Tuck Tuck is VERY sad. I felt bad, but couldn't help but document this hilariously sad moment. I believe it will come back to haunt him when he grows up.

Then it fell off down and he wanted to go hide it in the camper. Poor thing.

Skylar finally got the last hit and the candy went flying!
The ginormous pile of shoes at my aunt & uncle's house. We have a huge family!

Some of my cousins + Dustin eating dinner at the table. I know which plate is Cassi's, by the big scoop of "pink salad." It is both our favorite! We wanted to just take the whole bowl and eat it all ourselves. Mmmm!!

I ate outside with a few of my aunts & cousins & Brian. These flies were getting a good meal out of a grape Crush. I'm a bit disappointed that there's already THIS many flies and it doesn't even seem like spring yet.

My photo for the day. Love this bracelet which I opened up at Christmas.

Funny - This is the aunts, uncles, moms, dads, and some cousins taking pictures of the little ones.

And this is the sons & daughters taking pictures of the aunts & uncles. Ha!

Brian and me!

Dustin being a goofball. Haha I love this one!

Dustin and Brian tried some silly poses like this. Brian couldn't keep a straight face to save his life.

During my first year of college we got professional family portraits done. One of them looked exactly like this, except Dustin is only about as tall as my shoulder blades. We recreated it to show the difference. I think it's hilarious.
Later Sunday night we went to see the movie Hop with all the kids. Rachel's family had the same idea, so we sat right in front of them. Movie wasn't the best, but it was still a good time.

So there you have it - The Easter Post. It was a good weekend, and now I'm going to be working my butt off to finish my board game, a presentation, my photos, and another final project. Whew! The end is in sight, though!!

Later tonight or tomorrow I'll get you all caught up with the POTD's. Sorry again for the lack of TCT posts. Some day they will return....But for now - BACK TO WORK!!


  1. I can't tell you how many times this made me laugh out loud in our library computer lab- I just couldn't help it!! love all the pictures and your stories!!!

  2. Yes!! It makes me happy that I made you laugh in a No-Laughing zone!!

  3. That's a lot of cameras in one small area!



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