Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swirly Things

This morning I woke up and glanced outside and the exact thoughts in my head were "Oh, my God. Are you kidding me!?"

I was expecting a nice, sunny day. I knew it was going to be a little chilly. I knew there was a chance of light snow. I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up for spring. But, regardless, I was thoroughly disappointed when I looked out the window.

Here's what I saw:

179/365: MORE. SNOW. (but look closely, do you see the flying bird? pretty cool, didn't notice that til I saw it on the computer)
Yeah....I just really don't think it's ever going to stop. This time last year, I was taking photos of flowers that had bloomed. (Seriously, I even checked. It was March 31st.) Most of this snow has melted throughout the day, but it was still pretty devastating to wake up to a blanket of white once again. In the fall, I was wishing and wishing for snow. I was so ready for it. But once January makes its way through, I'm ready for the warm weather and green grass. Maybe I'm just never satisfied? Possibly...I know in the burning heat of summer I'm going to be longing for snow again. But, seriously, it's almost April. Time for rain and flowers. Don't you agree?

Last night's photo:

178/365: Swirly things.
I still haven't decided what these are. They began (with the big one on the left) as coasters. But as I continued to make them and got bored with one and started another, they ended up different sizes and they kinda just look cool clustered together like this. Maybe they're just a piece of art? Not sure. I wish they weren't so time-consuming to make, or I'd do a ton of them and I'd sell them (or give them away) in clusters like this. My favorite is the one on the right, in all browns. The green & black one in he front was Dustin's idea.

Tonight I attempted to make a stuffed chicken breast dinner. I used a recipe I "stumbled upon"...They didn't turn out exactly like they were supposed to, but they were still SUPER tasty! I decided it was one of the most flavorful meals I've ever made. I think the next time I make it, it'll be way better because I know what I did wrong this time. Pretty excited. It's a great feeling knowing you can cook. =)

I did ALL of my laundry today, except a few towels and a couple pairs of jeans. I am super excited. This is a pretty big accomplishment, as my closet floor has been covered in dirty laundry for the past couple months. I would just do a load of the "important things" every couple weeks and let the rest keep piling up. UGH! It was killing me...Clean laundry is one of my most favorite things in the world, so it sort of made my day when nobody else was using the laundry room today. I win.

I also tried a coffee, cocoa, milk, & honey facial mask today. Brian thought I was crazy, but I'm glad he can still talk to me when I have lots of food on my face. I did take a picture, but I think I'll save your eyes. If you desperately want to see it, let me know and I'll do something about it. Ha.


  1. so.. how do you make those coaster things? and I want the chicken recipe--please?! I also don't think the snow will ever end :( and for the record.. I think I should get to see the facial mask.. since there are some of me floating around on facebook from sometime ago. Hope your doing well- thanks again for sharing!!

  2. 1. They're made with magazines pages! Take a page that has the colors you want, fold about 1/4 inch (or however thick you want them) about 4 times so you're left with a pretty thin strip. Glue it so it doesn't unfold. Then just start in the middle and wrap it *tightly* around. It's really hard to get started, but as you go they get much easier to wrap. I'm terrible at explaining things, so maybe you'll just have to come visit and I can show you in person. =)
    2. Here's the link to the recipe: http://www.kayotic.nl/blog/kaytucky-chicken
    3. I will email you the picture. Ha!



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