Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daylight Is Coming

The good old Exploder might be down for the count. It hasn't been starting this whole week, so today my dad and older brother came all the way up to Madison to try to fix it. After cleaning the battery wires and replacing some parts (I have no idea what stuff is called,) it still wasn't starting. So now they're thinking it's the starter and will not be fixed until later this week at the earliest. I'm a little sad about it, but I'm so thankful that I have such a great family to help me out. I don't know anything about cars and I'm way too poor to take it to a mechanic, so having my dad here to do fix all my car troubles is such a blessing.

In other news, I've fallen in love with this website that I "stumbled upon" recently. I've tried a few of the 'recipes' and now Brian thinks I'm a nutcase because I'm always wanting to make honey masks and stuff. I'm not quite brave enough to totally ditch my Biore face wash and make my own, but perhaps someday. For now I'll just stick with some of the easy stuff, like the nutmeg & milk scrub (which I did is lovely.) I have, however, stopped using my harsh Clean & Clear acne spot treatment stuff. To replace it, I brewed some jasmine green tea and then poured it into an ice tray and rub one one my trouble spots twice a day. Huge improvement! I'd been struggling ALL YEAR with the WORST breakout I've ever had, all along my chin. (I'm sure you've noticed.) I don't know if it's caused by the stress of my senior year, the addition of bills into my life, or what...But no matter what I tried, I couldn't get rid of it. I've been using my ice cubes for about a week now and I'm seeing some big improvements. It is super exciting, especially because it's WAY cheaper than the chemical-y stuff AND it's way healthier for the skin. Highly recommended. And check out that website, too!

I told Brian I want to start making the green smoothies (recipe on the website, of course)...He told me that if I do that, we're going to need two blenders because he doesn't want to consume anything that's made in the same blender. Ha. He's so difficult sometimes... =P

How about some photos?

Tonight's is my t-shirt that I'm currently wearing. This song, by Remedy Drive, is pretty uplifting and powerful. Everyone needs a reminder every now and then. Check out the song here.You will not regret it.

177/365: Daylight Is Coming...The dust & stuff on my mirror is sort of annoying, but it also kinda looks like glitter bokeh, so I didn't try to fix it or clean it. =)
Yesterday we went to Dustin's LAST tournament of the season. I must say, I'm pretty glad basketball season is over. Those games are much too intense and nerve-wracking for me. Ha. My blood pressure is probably through the roof from watching so many of them this year. I can't wait for track and baseball to start. Two MUCH more mellow sports. Baseball, especially. The slower pace will be an excellent change. (If, of course, I'm able to get home to catch a few games.) Anyway...Yesterday's photo is of their coach for the tournament. A recent graduate of I-W, and a former basketball star at my high school. The back of Dustin's head is also in the photo (on the left.)

176/365: Coach Eric.
Friday night was our BIG DSU Live event - Battle of the Bands! It was a GREAT night...Probably the best BOTB I've seen at this school. It went almost TOO smoothly, and lots of people showed up, and everyone had a great time. Even the bands who didn't win enjoyed the night. Usually we get a few angry emails yelling at us and accusing us of "fixing" the competition, or something. None this time, though. It's a great change.

175/365: Music
The bands who played were The Broken Resolve, Top Shelf Stank, Amos Slade, The Dashing North, and Blood of the Ancients. Definitely check out all of those bands! (Just type their name into facebook) They are all really nice guys and REALLY great musicians! The competition was extremely close! 

Thursday, I didn't do a whole lot so I didn't have a very great photo opportunity. So, you get to see what I ate for supper AGAIN! I know, you guys love that, huh? Mmmm Chili!

174/385: Tons of crackers!!
And, lastly, here's Wednesday's photo. It's the (nearly) finished artwork for Jenn & DSU's Diversity Services. She asked me to put something together representing how athletes are sort of modern-day slaves. I've talked about this project on here before, I know, so I'll spare you the repeat. But here's what I did. (I have to re-do the baseball player, since I ripped the paper when I was erasing some smudges. SO ANGRY because that one was my favorite!!)

173/365: Athletes
Wowzers, that was a long one! My apologies for waiting so long to post an update. It's been a busy weekend! I will try super hard to post more often. I hope I haven't lost my readers yet!

Enjoy the rest of your night. And have a good Monday, everyone!

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