Saturday, March 5, 2011

District Champions

Well, for anyone reading this who is NOT on my facebook friends list (and therefore does not already know,) The Eagles came home with the "W" last night! The last time we played Centerville, we were down by 18 at one point in the game, and came back and won by one point. Last night's game seemed to be headed the same direction - we were trailing the whole game - until some excellent shots were made and the guys' spirits jumped back up. This started a nice rally of 3-pointers and we ended up winning by 5. It was incredibly frustrating and exciting all in one.

Dustin finished off the game with 16 points (though, the papers say 18) and was the leading scorer.

I took some photos throughout the game, but none of them really turned out great. I was too excited and into the game to focus on my camera, so they weren't the best and I'll just leave them off the blog. =P

The gym when we arrived. The game going on here was Canistota vs. Bridgewater-Emery. Canistota won. The place was packed!

154/365: The boys receiving their plaque. District Champs!!
My favorite! "Uncle Dusty" with "Dobber Bay" =P I came up on this late and didn't have my flash on, so it kinda turned out like crap. But for a moment as cute as this, who cares about the quality of the photo?? It was captured, and that's what matters. =)
Dustin with the plaque. I took a ton of these, and he got annoyed. =P
Hey, there's me! Brian took this picture. I'm on a B&W kick these days, can you tell? And WHEN did he get so tall???
Dustin and Brooke and the excellent t-shirt she made for the game. THIS is what I remember high school basketball being. Lately all I see is girls trying to dress "prettier" or "more stylish" than their friends, so nobody wears Eagles clothes, or even the royal blue color! But THIS....This is how I remember high school. Homemade t-shirts to show support. It was great.
Our little cheering section of I-W students. Small school = Awesome. We're small, but we're mighty. And look at them all with school spirit dressed up in funky clothes and wearing the right colors! I love this. Wish it happened more often...
And since the game was in Tea, which is right outside Sioux Falls, we went out for pie & coffee at Perkins with D&E after the game. I have to admit, even though some of my classmates are chilling in London right now, taking photos and exploring the world, last night I was glad I was still home in SD, enjoying family time and a good old high school ball game. Someday I may able to travel the world...But right now I'm content in staying here. =)

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