Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, friends...This is the last post you'll see including photos of Dustin's basketball until next season. They lost to a great team last night which ended their season. Awwww...It's ok, though. Now, on to track! Keeping up with my brother's sports is so much fun. Track season will bring pole vaulting, hurdling, and running for him. The kid never stops; I don't know how he does it!

Here are some photos to get us back on track....

158/365: Here's Torie and Halle watching the game. Dustin's friends Brooke and Ashley made these shirts for the 3 girls. On the front they say "That's my uncle!" So adorable. I think the Eagles have the greatest fans in the world! =D
Some "action" shots...I wish I had a nice flash or some strobes or something for the games...I hate needing such a high ISO. I've been trying to blur out the noise a bit, which leaves the pictures looking kinda funky, but it works, I guess. Oh well. Once track starts, I'll have the good ol' sunlight helping me out!

Isn't this a foul?
The game was frustrating to watch. I think it would have been much better if half our team would have showed up to win. Seemed like a few of them just didn't care. Too many turnovers and crazy shots. To me, it felt like they came into it without any confidence. Anywho...They had a fun season and should be proud of the District title. =)

This weekend we're heading out 'West River' for a weekend in the black hills. Brian hasn't been there since he was a kid so we're going to do all the touristy stuff - Mt. Rushmore and cave exploring and scenic drives. I'm pretty excited to get away from Madison for a few days and have some fun stuff to photograph.

On that same note - I could have a very fun and interesting summer ahead of me. More details on that in the future.

157/365: What am I?
156/365: Having some fun with water.
155/365: What's taking up my entire kitchen table right now. All that blue is difficult.
The future is exciting...Do you agree?

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