Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Rain, rain, rain.

It's been cloudy/raining/storming since Sunday. I will admit the thunderstorms instead of snowstorms is very welcomed, but not DAILY. And we definitely don't need to rain these days. With all the snow melting, we've got plenty of water - So much, they're closing roads because they're flooded over. Rain...Come back in July!

Here's today's photo:

172/365: Rain + Hail, shot through the soaked screen door, which is why it's so blurry and awesome looking.
And yesterday's was from last night when we got a pretty nice thunderstorm. It started hailing pretty heavily and the wind was blowing it right into our balcony doors. I seriously thought they were going to shatter.

171/365: Nice pea-sized hail. Once it stopped, I reached my hand out the door and was playing with them. It was cool scooping up a handful. They remind me of those ice cream "dippin dots" that you get at amusement parks/fairs. So fun. (The blue-ness on the right side of this is my sweatpants reflecting on the glass. Ha.)
Also, I have to say that I am extremely glad that I saved up all that change from waitressing all summer. Last week I took in a medium-sized tupperware bowl full of nothing but nickels and dimes, and got $64 out of it! So today, Brian and I went through half of the BIG jar and extracted most of the quarters from it (laundry money, yay!) and then I refilled the same tupperware bowl (this time with some quarters added) and brought that in and it came out to $95! It's pretty exciting, for someone who is 100% broke right now. I still have half the BIG jar left and a few smaller bottles. And we've got a good $100 in quarters right now, just for laundry. I'm really hoping we won't go through that much before June, but it's there just in case. Hooray for making money without even doing anything!

Side note - This morning we made some PB&J pancakes. Win. =)


  1. Your blog posts brighten my day, even when they're about gloomy weather! It's so fun to read about how your day went and see life through your camera lens...keep it coming!

  2. Hehe thanks!! I was wanting to shoot something bright and cheerful to make my day seem less gloomy...But I thought the rain just fit better. Ha.



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