Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Choco Chips

I believe I'm allllmost all caught up with my homework/projects. This weekend definitely threw me off a little.

We didn't get to hang out with Amanda and Kyle on Saturday like we had planned. The weather was crappy and the roads were bad, so we played it safe and postponed another week. Which actually ended up being a good thing because I realized I had an assignment due Sunday night so I spent all of Saturday working on that. Probably would have been a not-so-great end result, had we gone to Sioux Falls. So it sort of all worked out for the better.

Also, on Saturday morning we made pancakes and eggs and had a pretty yummy breakfast. It was a nice change from my usual Mini-Wheats (which I love love love!) We added a super secret ingredient first, and then I threw some mini chocolate chips into mine, because everything is better with mini chocolate chips.

127/365: Mmmm Choco Chips!

Sunday we had a SB/Birthday party at my parents' house. Lots of fun, of course. My family is way cool and we're always joking and laughing so it was a good day. Ate too much bad-for-me food and drank an entire 20 oz Mountain Dew (trust me, it's an accomplishment) but it was all sooo worth the tummy ache. Hehe...Didn't take too many photos, but here's my favorite from the night:

128/365: Brycen looking lovingly at his mom. Awww! =P
We left my parents' house at about 10:30 and quickly found out that the roads were coated with a nice slick layer of ice. Missed the Viborg turn, because we literally slid right past it. Every time there was an ideal place to turn around, we slid right past that, too! So we decided to just keep going straight and ended up staying in Beresford at D & E's house. We stay at their house all the time, it seems. Maybe that's just because they are so so so kind and let me sleep in their basement during the summers. (That is, until the great basement flood of '10...but that's another story.)

So, I emailed my professors and they were generous enough to allow me to skip class on Monday morning. The little detour in our plans got my head all messed up and I feel like I'm WAY behind on work, but I think I got myself all back to normal today. Whew!

Yesterday's photo:

129/365: Swung by Great Bear on the way home for a quick photo for my project. Ended up using previously shot photos, anyway. Oh well.
AND....Today's photo is the same as the TCT shot. So, go ahead and throw out some guesses as to what this is:

130/365/TCT: Hint: This object, as a whole, is a previous Photo of the Day!
Good luck! Now time to watch Raising Hope! Best show on TV right now. I'm so excited for the new episodes. =D


  1. I'm thinking the close-up is stitching on... a hat, maybe. Or a coat...

    Also, I've never seen Great Bear. Nice pic!

    AND... those pancakes look good enough to eat off the screen. Mmmm!

  2. Ohhhh You should go to Great Bear sometime! I've only been a few times, and we always just go tubing...But it's tons of fun!
    The pancakes were SOOOOO good. Brian missed out, big time! He didn't want the choco chips. =P



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