Friday, February 4, 2011


I spent all of yesterday working on a new little project for DSU's Diversity Center. I was asked by them to create something which shows how sports can be like slavery. I was a bit confused at first, but once I started putting together my pieces, I totally understood. It's rather sad to think about, and I'm glad I didn't make any connections like this when I was an athlete in high school. Ha! Anyway...It's not finished yet, but here's some progress.

Yep...That's one of them. I have 5 so far, all different sports. Get the idea? The running girl below actually has a ball & chain attached to her ankle. Looks pretty cool, actually. They all still need some work, but I think I'm on the right track. Feels good to be doing traditional artwork again, rather than digital stuff. There's nothing more therapeutic to me than the feeling of pencil on paper. No joke.

Last night DSU's Student Activities Board hosted a mentalist. Yep, a mentalist. It was INSANE. I'm one of those skeptics who watches this stuff on TV and always says "Oh, whatever. That audience member is in on it. He can't REALLY read minds." ....And then LAST NIGHT...He was guessing objects in peoples' pockets and reading cards while blindfolded and lighting up lightbulbs and all sorts of stuff. And since those "in on it" audience members were DSU students, some of whom I KNOW....There's no way they were in on it. This guy was pretty amazing.

Since DSU Live ran sound and lights and set up for the event, we sat in the back by the soundbooth. Here's a photo. I'm fairly sure we had to have been pushing the max capacity to its limit. Wish we could get that many people to attend the DSU Live events. But oh well. =)

125/365: Underground
Pretty cool stuff. I do love my small school.

Another DSU student asked me to take a professional portrait of her for a scholarship. This went WAY better than the first time I tried the business professional portrait. I think that means I'm learning proper camera settings and even proper lighting, even though I never use pro equipment. It was still pretty exciting.

124/365: Amy
So yes...It was a quick 20 minute "take a bunch of photos and pick your favorite" sort of night. We even switched backdrops and clothes for a few of them. Turned out pretty good, I think. Definitely helps that Amy is super-duper beautiful. Hopefully she doesn't mind me posting her photo on here. If she does, I'll take it down. (So, Amy, if you read this just let me know!) (And Bohle, I'll retake yours sometime, now that I know what I'm doing. Ha!)

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow night. Brian and I are going to meet up with a few friends from my first couple years of school. They got me into DSU Live (FNL at the time) and I haven't seen them in FOREVER, so I can't wait. Yay!

Oh, the whole point of me posting tonight was to reveal the "Too Close" photo. Here's a refresher, if you forgot what it looked like.

Any last guesses?

Most everyone who guessed got it right! Was it the hint? Or is this just easy to see?

Winners: Melissa Jean, Joni, and D. (I think "D." is my brother...Hope so, anyway, cuz that's who I've been assuming it was. =P Hehe...)

It was, in fact, one of the little earbuds for my iPod. An old pair, actually. It's mate is all falling apart and broken. Good thing I got new ones when I did. =)

Way to go, guys...Great guessing! Ha. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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