Tuesday, January 18, 2011


You all will be happy to learn that I drove today and had zero awkward moments at a stop sign. However, I did avoid that 4-way stop and took another way home instead. Just to be safe. =) (And I will probably avoid that 4-way stop until all the snow melts off the road. Could (and probably will) be months until then.)

Annnd it is Tuesday!

Here's today's "Too Close" shot:

This is actually my second choice for this subject. I figure the first one I chose would have been WAY too difficult. If you'd like to see that one, as well, just let me know and I'll post it cuz I think it's pretty cool.

Also, today's Photo of the Day:

109/365: JTL - Story below
A few summers ago, my friends JD and Matt and I took a quick one-day trip down to Omaha to see two of our favorite musicians play a show together. After the show we stuck around outside the venue for what seemed like FOREVER, but it was really only an hour or two. Finally, once the majority of people gave up waiting and it was just the three of us and another group of about six standing around, the artists came out and we enjoyed one very long intimate conversation with Mr. Kevin Devine himself. One of the most incredible experiences ever - meeting and conversing with someone whose voice is constantly heard through my headphones. WOW....Anyway, to be honest, I was mostly looking forward to meeting Jesse Lacey, someone who I'd idolized since I was a young high schooler. After chatting with Kevin for a good 2 hours, we finally merged over to the other group, where Jesse was sitting with them. We all talked as one big group for a while, then started to disperse.

Before we all went our separate ways, we had all the artists sign our shirts (mine, I had purchased after the show.) I also made sure to ask Jesse if it was OK if I got a hug from him. I remember he came around to all of us and asked our names and shook our hands and after I told him mine, I said "I just want a hug!" ....Yes, I was THAT person. He must not have thought it was too creepy because I definitely got my hug! (I often tell people it was the best hug of my life, but that's not entirely true. Brian's hugs are way better. "Awwwwww!" Shut up.)

ANYWAY...That was one very long story just to tell you that the signature above is from Jesse Lacey and it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. =)

(To my friends doing their own 365 Project: This is a great photo for those days when you are feeling uninspired and are looking for something quick!)

GUESS THE TOO CLOSE TUESDAY SHOT!! I'll reveal the answer later this week, along with the winner!


  1. Denise is the T.C.T something that I contributed to the apartment??

  2. Is it the seat of the explorer??

  3. Traci, POSSIBLY!!
    Ha...you always have a little advantage cuz you know the stuff that I'm around every day. =P

  4. I'm not even going to guess... but I'm still following you :) Continue to love your work!

  5. I think its a football. D

  6. Not a football, but that is an excellent guess! I see where you get it. =) Bonus points for me actually seeing what you're seeing.



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