Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spacing Out

Three days til Christmas!! Just in case you forgot. I hate hate hate how papers and things say things like "3 shopping days til Christmas!" ...."Shopping" Days?? Are you kidding? Ugh. We need a reminder that Christmas is NOT about the gifts and the "shopping."

Something else I don't understand (and I may offend some people here, but oh well)...Why do non-Christians celebrate Christmas ON Christmas day? Why do they participate in all the Christmas traditions EXCEPT the acknowledgment of Jesus's birth? Doesn't make sense to me. But anywho....

Went with my sister yesterday to get Tuck's hair cut.

He refused to let Colleen put a towel around his neck, so instead he ended up "itchy." Hehe
Yesterday's photo:

81/365: Love sunlight.
Last night Dustin had a basketball game. They kicked butt. The Eagles scored 86 points, which Dustin says is the most I-W has scored in YEARS...Pretty cool. Here are some shots from the game (mostly of Dust)

First, one of Halle watching the B game and being incredibly content. She just sat there, so still. Seemed like she was spacing out or something, but it was adorable. 

Now, on to Dustin's game. The photos are a little grainy - Their gym was super dark, so I had to crank my ISO up, but they still turned out alright.

Sam can jump SUPER high! Ha...

It was a fun game to watch. Not very exciting (we won by like 30 points) but definitely fun.

And Monday's photo:

80/365 - A very Christmasy one!
My day is consisting of a whole not of nothing, and trying to figure out how Madison is billing us over $100 for November electric. WHAT THE CRAP....Impossible, we live in a small 2-bedroom apartment with our heat set on low. Hmmmmm. Whatever. It's just frustrating because I'm poor.

Later today all The Kids are coming over. Woooo!

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  1. The pictures are great! I love the one with Tucker with the sun shining on him!! And THANKS SO MUCH for watching the kiddos tonight!! I'm sure you will all have fun!!



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