Sunday, December 19, 2010


Went to two Christmas programs this morning. One was at my church where my sister's kids were singing/acting. The other was at my brother's church where his daughter was singing/acting. So so cute. After the second one, though, I had to admit I was all worn out with Christmas programs. Until next year!

Here's today's photo, taken at 65 mph while on our way to the second program. I love love love the way the tree branches are all frosted. One of my favorite sights in the world.

79/365: Now that's my kind of winter!! (looks better as the original size, but oh well. you get the idea)
We enjoyed some deeeelicious soup at D & E's house after the program. I will definitely be trying out that recipe when I get back to school. Had some nice sized snowflakes falling today, too. If I had my extra lens with me, there would be more snowflake photos today! I don't think the snow is going anywhere anytime soon, so there's still plenty of time for those.

Dustin opened up a Crunch bar (which he received in his brown bag of treats given to all the kids after the first program. I got one, too!! Feels good to still be considered a kid sometimes. Ha!)...He somehow only managed to tear the corner off his bar, though, and thought it looked cool and told me to take a picture. So I did:

I didn't get many good photos of the kids singing today. I'm still too shy to jump in front of everyone and take pictures while people are trying to enjoy the music, so I didn't have a good angle. Hopefully someday I'll overcome that. But I did snag this shot of this cute little 'angel' before she sang a solo:

What a cutie pie, huh? I used to babysit her when she was just a baby. Awww!
And for yesterday's photo...After doing a whole lot of nothing (while still managing to wrap all the kids' gifts!) I was feeling lazy and sort of copped out by getting this, rather cliche and boring, shot:

78/365: Pretty colorful lights on our tree.
Yep...I think tomorrow I'm going shopping with my dad for some last-minute gifts and such. Should be a good day. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone! =)


  1. for the records none of your pictures are boring!! I think they are all AMAZING! and I'm super impressed with the picture of the day- esp at 65mph! :)

  2. Why, thank you!
    And also for the record, I wasn't driving; Dustin was. So don't be too impressed haha... =P



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