Saturday, December 25, 2010

Three Quick

Just wanted to throw a quick message up here to let you know that I'm still alive and well. It's been a really busy past couple days with Christmas. I have TONS of photos, most of which I already posted on facebook - so check them out there.

I need to filter through them and decide which ones to post here, so until then I'll catch up with my POTD's.

I don't have one yet for today, because I have an idea I want to try out before I choose one. So we'll start with yesterday:

84/365: She was super excited about this, can you tell??
83/365: Dad and I spent Thursday evening baking goodies for our Christmas feasts...This is my parents' SUPER old mixer. I believe they got it as a wedding gift way back when. It struggled to mix through my 4 packages of cream cheese + sugar + butter. But it did get the job done.
82/365: I made a custom aperture shape and tested it out. Still have some practicing to do with these. Still fun, though.
Tomorrow we're having our immediate family Christmas party. I'm pretty excited! It'll be the last of our celebrations. Bittersweet, I'd say. This Christmas season has worn me out!

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  1. Don't feel bad... I've fallen behind on yours as well, sadly. However, I've taken the time tonight to catch up and I have to say, again, that I love your work. Amazing. Always amazing.

    Hope your holidays were filled with joy! Happy to hear that you get to spend some time away from the cold!

    See you next year! Have a good one!



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