Wednesday, December 8, 2010



I feel like it's been a while since I posted, but it's really only been two days. I've been spending all my time on this painting, done in Photoshop. I believe it's CLOSE TO finished. I will throw it up here, just so you all can see it and give me feedback.

Looks better full-size. And her face is pretty cool close-up, too. The background is made up of a bunch of photoshop brushes, because I admittedly got a little lazy and didn't feel like drawing each little blade of grass separately. But the girl is 100% just paintbrush & smudge tool. It was actually lots of fun, but incredibly time-consuming. She doesn't seem to "fit" with her surroundings, but that was intentional.
Yep. Glad that's out of the way. It's due tomorrow morning, so I kind of worked that right down to the last few hours. Typically, those last few hours are my best times to work, but for this project I'm glad I didn't wait too long to get started. If you'd like an explanation of the painting, or any sort of info, just let me know. And 10 points to anyone who can guess who that is, and what her story is (excluding the people who I've already told, or who are in my class. Ha!)

Anywho...Today Brian and I had a nice afternoon lunch at Sully's. Love love love that restaurant. He got a "special" order (wasn't on the menu) and it looked way too good to NOT photograph:

Mmmmm! 'Cept eggs are icky sometimes.
And they had the cafe all nicely decorated for Christmas, complete with a tree and everything! We sat next to the light-bordered window.

68/365: Some nice bokeh for ya there! So pretty!
AND last night I almost went to bed without a photo, again. I was so busy with photoshop that I forgot all about everything else. So, again, before I hopped into bed, I shot what was outside my window:

67/365: Trojan Field through a frosty window. It's sort of cool looking. Or not. Sometimes I just wing it and hope it looks cool. Ha!
AND....For my wonderful cousin, Joni: I'm so sorry I forgot about Too Close Tuesday again! Here's the post for you. It's an easy one.

Good luck!
Busy day tomorrow. Class in the morning, then some classmates and I are going to spend the day in the art studio working on our drawings/paintings. And then it's the double-header basketball game. Pretty excited!


  1. That food looks delicious! And I love the picture of the lights, and of course your painting. :)

  2. Thumbtacks!!!! D.

  3. RIGHT!! It's a little tiny box of tacks and needles and stuff. Good work! =D



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