Monday, December 6, 2010


Today has been quite a day. I'm still trying to shake this cold that I've had since last Monday. It seems to be slowly going away, but I'm still getting into some icky coughing fits every night before bed and then again in the mornings. Try to take it easy and stay out of the cold, but walking to and from school multiple times a day probably isn't helping. Oh well...Bring on the hot tea!

Today my photography class had the opportunity to shoot photos at DSU's women's basketball game. The man who does the "official" photos at the games was super generous and let us use his equipment. To sum it up, I thought it was pretty incredible. Definitely something I would love love love to do for Dustin's games. However, the price tag on the equipment is upwards of $1,000...Looks like it will have to wait a few years, along with everything else I want to get. Haha!

We had to take turns with the transmitters (I believe that's what they're called,) so I didn't get a whole lot of good shots. There's a double-header on Thursday, so we will have twice the amount of time to get our photos, and I'm sure less of the class will show up. I'm very excited to keep playing with this type of photography.

Here are some of my shots from today/tonight:

(I'm not sure which one I want to use as today's Photo of the Day...Please help me decide!!)

During class time we met at the field house and three of us (Travis, Jon, and myself) stuck around and practiced with the lighting. Luckily, the men's team was having practice so we had a fun subject to start with. This was one of my very first shots.

DSU Trojans!

Unfortunately, the side of the gym I was on to take photos was our defensive side. So I don't have the best shots of the Lady T's making points and stuff. Ha.

I was in an awkward place on the bleachers, so avoiding people's heads made for some off-center, awkward compositions. Next time, I will definitely be moving around and finding where the best angles are.

One of my favorites, for sure.
So yeah...It was a great learning experience. I just wish I had some sort of an income which allowed me to buy equipment to do this at Dustin's games. This guy had very powerful lights set at each corner of the floor. In some of my photos, it looks almost like they're playing outdoors, because the lighting looks sort of like sunlight. Very exciting stuff. I can't wait til the games on Thursday so I can keep playing.

Oh! Yesterday's photo is very similar to one I did previously. It's quite alright, though. Be expecting more like this, as I love love love the snow!

65/365: Only 300 photos left! Hehe...I can't wait to see what those 300 will look like. Anywho, the snow that fell early Sunday was so perfectly light and flakey. It's my favorite because if you stop through it, it flies out from under your shoes and makes your shoeprint look ginormous. However, it's TERRIBLE for making snowballs.
In other news, I've been spending ALL of my free time (besides updating this) on a digital painting for my Classical Myth & Media class. I've done digital paintings before, but they've always been based on photos, and usually just traced in ArtRage. This time, I'm basically doing it from scratch, and in Photoshop. First time EVER actually painting in Photoshop. It's turning out decades better than I thought it would, so I'm trying to just keep the vibe up and crank it out quickly, but beautifully. I will definitely be posting the finished product on here, so watch for that!


  1. pics are great--looking forward to more(esp of snow--we have none here!)

  2. LANCERS WOOO!!! :)



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