Friday, December 10, 2010

Black & White

If you didn't already know this about me, here's something I dislike: School Dances.

Especially in college. Tonight I'm sitting at DSU's Black & White formal. DSU Live is running sound for the DJ. I'm not doing anything (obviously) because we have some very excellent DSU Live members doing all the work already. Anyway...This thing started at 9:00 (actually a little later because the DJ was late due to terrible road conditions tonight...but that's not even the point)...People didn't start showing up until 10:00. And when they finally do show up, most of them are wasted.

I could go on and on, and I know I'm allowed to because, hey, it's my blog. But I won't. I just wish more people were capable of having fun without being drunk.

I do have to say, however, that the girls at my school are actually pretty good about being able to wear non-hooker clothes to dances. It's refreshing, after seeing some schools' dances and formals where it sort of looks like another Halloween party. Hmmm...

Anyway...Basically my night is sort of lame. And the alternative tonight was doing laundry with Brian. Honestly, I'd rather be washing clothes. And he's actually doing MY laundry for me, since I'm stuck here. What a sweetie. Haha...

How about some photos!!


I have to choose one of those to print off as my final photo project. Awwwww...Not sure which one I like the best, though. Help me out??

Christmas is in two weeks! Ahhh crazy! I am excited to go home and hang out and just be lazy and not worry about school for a while. Then I'll be in California for a week. Then I'll come back to school for my FINAL SEMESTER!! Seems impossible. Exciting, too. In other news, I'm thinking of changing my blog header image. Yep...Possibly tonight, since I'm here for another 3 hours......

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  1. Your pics are so good-- just like usual!! I think my fave might be the 3rd one down from the top or third one up from the bottom if I had to choose, but i'm not sure why... and for the record.. I ACTUALLY KNEW WHAT TOO CLOSE TUESDAYS PIC WAS!!! yay!!



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