Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wing it

I have a ginormous accounting exam tomorrow. Here is what I should NOT be doing right now: a) Writing this. b) Watching a movie. c) With a friend. d) Leaving my book and notes closed throughout the entire thing.

Yup. Looks like I'm gonna wing it. Wish me luck!!

Here's something productive that I AM doing: Drinking tea. White tea. Apparently it can prevent cancer. And I'm ALL about that!

I also have some photos to post up today. I've been sort of creatively challenged the past couple days (I blame accounting and the side of my brain that it exercises.)

33/365: I helped Brian with a worksheet he had to do. (It was coloring!! How could I NOT help?!)
Again, wish me luck on my exam! I am going to start studying.....NOW!

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