Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chocolate chips + Banana + Brown sugar = Pancakes!

Hooray for Saturday!! I fully enjoy sleeping in on the weekends. Who doesn't??

Brian and I went to the grocery store earlier and picked up some ingredients to make pancakes. He crushed up some Halloween candy (Whoppers) and I mixed them into his pancakes. I didn't taste a difference at all. We'll have to work on that recipe a bit more. For mine, I threw in some mini chocolate chips and sliced bananas and topped it with a bit of brown sugar while it was cooking. It was INCREDIBLE. I didn't put any butter or syrup on mine...Just ate it completely plain and it was perfect. I definitely have a new favorite pancake flavor now.

Last night we watched Elf and had some hot tea. It was pretty excellent. 

Yesterday after classes we took a quick trip to Sioux Falls just to get some food and do a small bit of shopping. Based on the picture below, can you guess where we went?

I love the faces Brian makes when he's concentrating on something.

I'll let you think about that while I post up yesterday's Photo of the Day:

35/365: Mmmmmm, Honey!
I bought a new little sketchbook which I've already started drawing in, as well as some new conte pencils and an eraser. I love love love new art supplies. =D

Oh! And if you're wondering how my accounting test went yesterday.....So am I. Ha! We haven't gotten our scores back yet. However, I'm feeling rather confident about it. I will update on that as soon as we get them back.

Thank you, notes, for being excellent.


Christmas is on its way! I can't wait to start photographing all the decorations and Christmas spirit.

Oh, and PS - The answer is Cracker Barrel. Yum, yum.

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