Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To learn...

I found out yesterday that my roommate, Traci, is a reader here. Yay!! I love hearing that people are keeping an eye on this little piece of internet. She's been hounding me about updating today so she has a reason to procrastinate on her homework. A procrastinator myself, I am happy to help a fellow time-waster out!

Brian was sick yesterday, which made for an rather boring day for myself. I ended up watching a long movie and eating a pretty sad supper (photo below, as proof.)

Today I was amazed at my new-found ability to learn anything. At least that's what I tell myself as a confidence booster. I'm taking accounting as an elective this year. (Every time I tell people that, they call me crazy...Apparently there are easier and more fun electives out there?? I don't know...Sounds fishy to me.) Anyway...I've never, EVER taken an accounting class. And I have never considered myself someone who is good with numbers. ("I'm an artist," I tell people "the less numbers I know, the better!") But after paying attention in class (confession, for one of the first times in 5 years) and taking excellent notes, I actually KIND OF get what's going on. I cranked out an assignment in no time today and it made me feel incredible. I walked home wondering what else I've missed out on because I didn't think I could learn it. However, we have a quiz and test this week still, so I guess the truth in my comprehension will be revealed. Anyway...Hoping for the best!

I also did a quick professional portrait shoot of one of my friends. It's for our next Studio Processes assignment. Not sure how well it turned out. I learned quite quickly today that I have LOTS to learn about professional portraits and lighting...But I'm glad that I know how to troubleshoot my problems and adjust my settings to make it work. Playing with my camera on a daily basis is paying off. I knew it would.

I took lots of photos today. Mostly of random things, like my lunch of Party Pizza, some paint in the art studio, the bricks on Beadle Hall, and my table full of Brian's homework.

But this one (below) eventually won. After our quick photoshoot in the basement studio tonight, we stepped outside and I was immediately blown away by the sunset, which I could barely see beyond houses and trees. I quickly knew I needed to find higher ground. So I ran back inside Beadle and up the three flights of stairs to the art studio. I was a little sad at first, that the water tower and trees were still in the shot, but I got over it after seeing it full-size. This was actually the first of 14 shots. I forgot to change my settings after the shoot, so I thought it was WAY too dark. After viewing them all full-size, though, I decided this was my favorite. Just the deep oranges and reds against the black make it more intense. I enjoy it.

32/365: Sunset over Madison, SD - 6:30 PM, 11/2/10

31/365: One of the few photos I took yesterday. Should have taken the boring day and turned it into a photographic adventure, but I was enjoying being lazy. This was, sadly, my supper last night. A honey wheat bagel with honey nut cream cheese, and of course my trusty ginger ale. Ha!

This was one very long post, huh? More news tomorrow or the next day or the next day. One of these days I'll have something interesting to write about. Accounting? Come on, Denise...

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