Sunday, October 31, 2010


I bet you're expecting today's photo to be Halloween related. My apologies.

Brian and I spent the day doing laundry. I also edited some photos and he finished up his weekend homework (something I never seem to have anymore. Hmm.)

Since we live in apartments, our laundry is done via coin operated machines. Which means we need LOTS of quarters. I have this huge jar full of coins which I've collected over a few summers of waitressing. I separated the pennies from the jar, so it is mostly just quarters. I hate having to dig into it for laundry money, but I'm glad it's there. I've tried estimating how much money is in there, but it's pointless. After a few months of laundry quarters taken out already, it's a good $20 short of what it was earlier.

I'm actually hoping to continue this tradition into my REAL adult life (you know, the one that includes my OWN washer & dryer....Ohhhh that day can't come soon enough!)...I want to see how much change I can collect someday.

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