Monday, November 8, 2010


Woke up to a "No class today" email from my accounting professor. I love those things.

Time to catch up on my weekend photos.

First, Saturday's photo. We were looking for something easy and fun for dinner, and Brian suggested chicken nuggets. We ended up picking up some stir-fry chicken meat (just chicken breast meat, but the grocery store pre-cuts them into perfect little strips) so we had chicken strips instead of nuggets. Anyway...Let me tell you, this is the EASIEST and most delicious way to eat chicken strips.

I melted some butter in a small bowl (the only butter I had was sweet cream...which I think made them better, because they had a slightly sweet taste. mmmm!) Brian mixed the seasonings...About a cup of plain bread crumbs, lots of pepper, lots of chili powder, some salt, and some garlic powder. (Sadly, I can't tell you the amounts of these...Brian just kinda eyeballs it and mixes it together til he feels it's right.) Dip the strips into the butter, transfer to the breading, coat well, place them all on a baking sheet, and bake for about 20 minutes. I had the oven set at 400, but I'm sure it can be lowered. I don't know the temperature rules yet. Ha.

ANYWAY....Here's Saturday's photo, inspired by our deeeeeliciously simple supper:

36/365: Done and done.   

We finished the meal off with mint chocolate ice cream. Best. Meal. Ever. (However, I say that about any meal that includes ice cream.)

And Sunday's photo comes from Sunday morning.

37/365: Sweet
This is how Brian takes his coffee. A 5:1 ratio of Sugar to Coffee. Ha! Notice, it's coming straight out of the sugar bag, not even a spoonful or sugar shaker. Nope. Straight from the bag. This photo also reminds me of why I love love love my camera. =)

Clearly, my weekend consisted of eating and drinking. Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to photograph throughout this week.

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