Monday, November 8, 2010

Vote for today's POTD!!


Please help me choose today's Photo of the Day! Leave a comment here with your choice. (Or find me on facebook or msn or something.) I can't decide which one I like the most for today. So I'm leaving it to you.

Comment with "#1!" if you like this one:
Playing with my backwards lens again. With my magazine "coasters." (read about them in the next photo)

Comment "#2!" if you like this one:
A close-up of these coaster-like things that I've been making. They're magazine ads, folded up and glued together in a spiral. (They take FOREVER to make...I spend a good 5 hours straight on one of them one night. Whew. But they're so cute, too.) If you're interested in seeing more of these little guys, let me know and I'll post pictures of them.

Comment "#3!" if you like this one:
Tonia's boots in the excellent fun yellow light. For some reason, one of the windows in the art studio is yellow (painted or paper? Not sure) and it casts this spectacular glowing light on everything it touches. I've been wanting this shot for a while...finally got it today.
So yes....Please give me your input! If this goes well, (or even if it doesn't) I will do it again sometime. I have trouble deciding quite often. I will leave the voting open until tomorrow afternoon and I'll reveal the winner tomorrow night, along with tomorrow's POTD. Thanks!!

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