Saturday, October 9, 2010

One week down.

After today's photo (yet to be taken,) I have my first week of 365 done! Many weeks to go, but I am enjoying this. So far I'm not having trouble getting a photo each day. But looking in my folder, I already see that I am attracted to angles. Deep low angles or funky diagonals are prevailing. Should I challenge myself to find some symmetry or continue with where I'm comfortable? Hmmm....

Today is a lazy day. Slept in pretty late..Then Brian and I got some breakfast/lunch at our new favorite restaurant in Madison. Now he's finishing some homework while I watch HGTV and work on a 1000 piece puzzle. It was one of my birthday gifts from my parents. ...Am I the only 23 year old kid who LOVES doing puzzles? Honestly...I would rather sit at home with a good movie, some tea, and a difficult puzzle, than be out at bars or parties. I often call myself boring because of it, but really, maybe I'm the opposite. Doing something different and not following the popular crowd has always been my way of life.

Here are my photos from Thursday and Friday. WARNING: Thursday's photo is ickyyy.

Yesterday's photo. It was just myself and another student in figure drawing. He left early so I had some fun with my camera and the paint splattered tables in the studio. The funky purple color is from Lightroom. Couldn't resist playing with it some more. =)

Thursday's photo. Brian lives in a basement apartment and has these little guys occasionally crawling on his floors. We knew they were coming in from the windows, but since the windows are a bit higher than eye level, we didn't realize how huge the problem was. We ended up sucking all these guys up into the vacuum cleaner and then formed a barrier with duct tape. So far, so good...There are no more bugs! This photo was taken with my phone. I wish I had brought my Nikon to his place that day, but this worked, I guess. Grossss!

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