Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue & Green.

I would really like to keep this updated with life, along with photos. So I have some time now between classes to do just that. Kind of.

School is going well. Classes are fun and relatively easy. The challenge is to stay motivated when my creativity levels aren't being pushed. To help me continue to notice everyday events and objects as art, I've been carrying my camera everywhere with me. Even if I know I probably wont use it, I still bring it. It's resulted in some shots of trees and leaves while walking to class, and some random ones of desks and classroom objects. I sort of stole the idea from the TV show "Made" on MTV. I remember they would make the wannabe basketball players carry a ball with them everywhere, and the wannabe supermodels to wear heels all day.

This practice has opened my eyes even wider to the possibilities of photos.

A side note: Today I'm wearing one green sock and one blue sock. I fully enjoy the randomness of it. It sort of reminds me to have fun. ...As if my shoes don't say that already. =P

I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Lightroom yesterday. How did I ever live without this??? Hopefully I can purchase it when my trial is up. I've been spending nearly all my free time playing with it. As always, still learning and have a lot to figure out...But for now I like making wacky colored photos.

One of our performers at and Open Mic event: Dan. He is excellent!
I will be posting my 365 Project photos for yesterday and today tonight. That is one messed up sounding sentence...

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