Friday, October 15, 2010

All you need.

 Besides love, all you need is good friends, good music, coffee, and photography.

Yesterevening (yep, just made that word up) my buddy Paul and I attended a small acoustic performance at a coffeeshop in Madison. The performer was DSU's new audio production professor, and our new FNL advisor, Nate. It was pretty incredible. Paul was going to record it, but his equipment wasn't cooperating. I went along and shot some photos, which I'm fairly happy with.

I've noticed a problem that I have is shooting without flash, which I do because I really love the warm tone of no flash...However, it often results in more blurry images. Sometimes it does work to my advantage, but I need to remember that I can achieve that warmth through filters and other techniques in post. So last night I experimented with both using flash and not.

Paul was having a blast watching me use my backwards lens to take macro shots. He just kept handing me objects to get close to. It was a lot of fun because he's the first person who I showed that to that was excited for me. Anyway...We also got some iced mochas and then chatted with some DSU faculty who showed up. It was one excellent night.

Paul talked me into giving the coffeeshop my email address so they could contact me if they wanted some photos of their performances taken. I really am lucky to have friends who want the best for me and motivate me to achieve more.

Nate taking a break to mark his setlist. I enjoy this photo a lot.

13/365 - My photo of the day for yesterday. I enjoy this photo even more. =)

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  1. I really love your colors and of course your perspective. I'm very fond of the second one ;)



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